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  1. neezee

    cowon e2

    i dont know how much the E2 is on ebay but there are a couple of choices but there all $69.99CAN, maybe go with newegg theres free shipping...   theres also
  2. neezee

    Amp+DAC paired with HD 25-1 II

    from what i remember bass tightens up, and it becomes warmer, to me at least the upgrade was worth it just to a stock HD600/HD650 cable anything else is overkill. but i had to upgrade as i usually got hearing fatigue after a couple of songs with the stock cables.
  3. neezee

    Amp+DAC paired with HD 25-1 II

    I have one of those the first thing you should look into is upgrading that steel cable... either a stock HD600 or HD650 before looking at a DAC/AMP
  4. neezee

    Monitor Comparison !HELP!

    decided already! thanks everyone
  5. neezee

    The "RSA" Shadow, a powerful pixy of an amp . . . New images. .

    finally... im diggin it but what is with that font, it looks like THE_SHADOW
  6. neezee

    Best External HDD?

    ive had seagates/samsungs for ~2 years now and n/p same with a friend who has the 1TB green WD...
  7. neezee

    New Canon G11 reduces resolution from 14.7 to 10 megapixel.

    nice to see them stop boosting the MP on the same sensors...
  8. neezee

    Amp for Shure SE530's

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hank_Venture I may be purchasing my first Ipod, for the sake of LOD. Trying to see if I can push my budget to the range of the higher end RSA's. Also have been reading a lot about the UE TF10 on here and in comparison to 530's. If I could sell my 530's I...
  9. neezee

    Fake ATH-ESW-9? (56K warning!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by igor_f Fake times just started.... I'm horrified by direction that our world moves... Buyers be aware! ATH-ESW9 (China Trading Company) - Products im pretty sure the ones in the pics are real ones and the ones you get are fake... just like when...
  10. neezee

    Kitchen Knife-fi

    you cant really ruin a knife if you sharpen it at the wrong angle can you? say less or more than 20-30 degrees?
  11. neezee

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    will do for now...
  12. neezee

    Post Your Photography Here #2

    another P n' S...
  13. neezee

    Anyone have any idea where I can get the Ultimate Ears 5 PRO LOCALLY in Mississauga?

    mississauga, ON? i think future shop is your only option but even then its online... of course you could always buy from other head-fi members for local GTA pickup... PM me if your in GTA mississauga
  14. neezee

    Denon C751s or UE Super fi 5 Pro, Which one should I get?

    im pretty sure u can find the's used for ~110... i dont think u can go wrong with either choice, but i really do agree with thekid22... i have both and it is true the super.fis are funner to listen too they seem to be more punchy/brighter... but the only real issue you might have is...
  15. neezee

    Limited, wooden portable ATH-ESW10JPN arrives! (with pics)

    ^i would have bought those in a heartbeat if it weren't for the weak dollar... wish it weren't .7x and was still at ~1.0x...
  16. neezee

    Sennheiser IE8 Impressions Thread

    so these seem like the happy medium to high-end non-custom IEMS? Triple.Fi - Bright IE 8 - bright/dark SE530 - Dark
  17. neezee

    Predator vs Ibasso D3?

    i have a predator wit +1000hrs and a D2 Boa with +400hrs... the soundstage diff is definitely there... with my 530s the predator puts out a much "cleaner" line out and can drive my HD650s without a problem... the D3 is suppose to be the D2 but on batteries, the headphones you have aren't to hard...
  18. neezee

    Shure SE530

    you can find em used/new for less than 500 at the sale section of the forum...
  19. neezee

    Headphone Sightings 2

    Senn HD-25 II and Senn HD555 around campus...
  20. neezee

    Predator Amps overpriced or worth it?

    i think the pred. is overpriced but not by much... viper + opamps?
  21. neezee

    Help! Can't remove shure olives from SE530

    had the same problem, but i managed to pull off the med. olives and put the small ones on hopefully ill never have to change them...
  22. neezee

    UPDATED 2/22 REVIEW 13 USB DAC amp - Predator, Pico, 2/3MOVE, D10 D3 D2 Viper/Boa D1, Lyrix, MicroAmp, Vivid V1, Nuforce, XM5

    have to agree with your stock boa vs. stock viper... hopefully ill be able to agree with you on the predator when i get it