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  1. Immortal Wombat

    Under £30 phones for exercise and everyday use

    Ok so even though I was supposed to be on a budget I just bought 3 pairs of headphones... CURSE YOU HEAD-FI   Some £4 phones from Focalprice that got very good reviews on this forum as a junk pair for the gym   SoundMagic E30 from Focalprice for £22.43 - I got worried after placing the...
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  4. Immortal Wombat

    Information overload! Please help

    Thanks for the welcome From what I understand (after reading these forums) the speaker amp I had been running the HD600s through (Yamaha AX-396 if you wanted to know) didn't have particularly good output through the headphone socket so I wasn't getting the best out of them. I am fully prepared...
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