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  1. Sinwerm

    First Senns , good deal ?

    Gonna dip my feet in the Senn pool , from all I read here the HD 595s are a great deal for the price , then get the factory grills for the 650s right ? How does this price look to you guys ? Thanks for any help it is appreciated.
  2. Sinwerm

    Those waiting for R.M.A. U.E.fi5pro's

    The R.M.A. department at U.E. seems to be re-stocked , got an email yesterday with tracking numbers. If anyone is thinking of a set now would be a good time. Been waiting a bit myself. On the plus side they sent mine FedEx overnight and in three packages ?? freebies ? Should be here...
  3. Sinwerm

    For those U.E. 5 for cracks

    I thought I should share this opinion of U.E. customer service. I had cracks in the driver housing of my 5 pros after about 2-4 weeks of use. Sent U.E. an email got a very quick response and an R.M.A. number from Jeanette Coffey on the spot. I sent them back with a short description of...