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  1. CHINABOY1021

    Sony XBA-3 for electronic/jazz/house music....??...??

    I'm looking for earphones under $150 (new). I've been out of the game for many years, but I really like Sony earphones from previous experience.....I'm not looking for accurate monitors, I'm looking for earphones that make music sound good. I have a sony mp3 player A728.   How's XBA-3s for...
  2. CHINABOY1021

    Studio monitor-like sound--->SRH840 or.....

    I listened to my friend's Adam A-7 studio monitors and really like the detail that came from it. Comparing to IM716, E2Cs (I haven't bought audio stuff for years), it seemed like I was only hearing 50% of the detail from my music. So basically, I'm inspired by the detail that the monitors...
  3. CHINABOY1021

    Sony NWZ-728....How to format??

    i reformatted my system and this problem disappeared. but after few weeks, now its happening again...hmm
  4. CHINABOY1021

    Sony NWZ-728....How to format??

    How do i switch to UMS mode??
  5. CHINABOY1021

    Sony NWZ-728....How to format??

    I just reinstalled windows XP. When I plug my walkman in, it does not give me any option to format, nor does it show the battery level, nor can it play a track directly from it through my winamp... Is there a driver I'm missing? edit: Actually now when i plug in the player, the player...
  6. CHINABOY1021

    Best protective case for Sony NWZ-A728?

    here's a cheap one on ebay: Sony Walkman NWZ-A726 A728 A729 Clear Protector Case - eBay (item 370066321442 end time Jul-12-08 02:39:02 PDT) or go to and they have a case too. I have found my 1.5month old 728 to have almost no scratches, though i dont mix it with keys......
  7. CHINABOY1021

    Yeah! My new NW-A828 arrived!

    anyone got any earphone recommendations for this series of sony walkmans? i like the earphones they came with, they give nice full sound. looking for something that gives nice treble.
  8. CHINABOY1021

    ATTN: Sony- A818 Walkman Owners . . . Might want to buy. I have a few questions.

    my favorite thing about my 728 is that it makes every song JJAAAAM. it offers a nice punchy sound signature without sounding muddy.
  9. CHINABOY1021

    Ultimate Sony a728 Equalizer and DAC settings

    for activating the service menu, what do you mean "while holding the menu button..."
  10. CHINABOY1021

    Cheapest place to buy Sony A729?

    what is the cheapest place to get the a729? my 728 is growing on me, so looking to get a little more gigs on this thing.
  11. CHINABOY1021

    ipod classic 80 gb questions

    1. yes the harddrive is audible 2. yes the ipod is kinda sluggish probably because it's loading a lot of data (ie. complete track listings, etc) from a harddrive. 3. you should exchange, there should be no dead pixels.
  12. CHINABOY1021

    Hot Deal: Get an 8GB Sony A818 for $119 Shipped

    the coupon works for silver only right?
  13. CHINABOY1021

    Sony Announced NWZ-A820 series.....finally 16GB Sony DAP's

    pics not showing up, would love to see them. also any other cheaper source for this case other than sonystyle?
  14. CHINABOY1021

    Sony Announced NWZ-A820 series.....finally 16GB Sony DAP's

    I just got a A728 today after much reading. the sound is really full with supplied earphones. with my Im716 it sounds really thin and weak (it might be faulty earphone). anyhow, i expected this thing to be a bit more heavier. it feels like a soup cracker. it does not have much customization...
  15. CHINABOY1021

    sony A818 vs A728

    1. Is there difference in sound quality? 2. Is the A728 aluminum? 3. Do they come with identical earphones?
  16. CHINABOY1021

    Altec Lansing im716 : Purchase receipt for warranty needed!

    One ear on my im716 is blown i believe. Is it reasonable to ask for a copy of a proof of purchase as I have lost mine.
  17. CHINABOY1021

    iAudio D2

    same here, even doesnt ship to canada. What!
  18. CHINABOY1021

    Altech Lansing IM716, IM616 & Harmoan Kardon EP720, EP730 headcount.

    Quote: Originally Posted by kite7 Planning on getting these tips, Ultra Soft sleeve. They will fit on the im716 right? Shure Ultra-Soft Sleeve Trial Pack for E2, E2c & Quietspot (1 pair each of Small, Medium, & Large)pad Item...
  19. CHINABOY1021

    iAudio D2

    shoot. my IRiver is crapping out on me, and this device looks incredible. For someone like me who only wants 1 mp3 player for last long as it will last, it's a pain in the ass especially because a lot of new products coming out at this time of hte year at a premium price.
  20. CHINABOY1021


    There's something wrong with my computer speakers/soundcard/EQ, i cant really figure out what it is. basically, the sound i hear feels like it's distant, like in a cave. Quite hard to explain so hopefully someone knows the exact problem i have. im running soundblaster live and klipsch 2.1...
  21. CHINABOY1021

    :: Trance/EDM heads :: Etymotic ER-6I or Shure E2G

    i hate that volume control on the ALs.. =/
  22. CHINABOY1021

    Black iPods look similar to B&O products???

    I dont think B&O has influence on black ipod's popularity. first of all, barely anyone knows what B&O is. everybody knows what an ipod is, and most of those guys know their new color is black. also apple has simplicity and sleek design to start with, and thats what ppl know them for.
  23. CHINABOY1021

    Ipod Shuffle - refurb vs retail

    i want to pick up an ipod shuffle for it's famous sound quality. what's the deal/problem with refurbished ones?? why were they broken in the first place? what was fixed??