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  1. SantinoSan

    Who here likes a flat frequency response?

    Just discovered EqualizerAPO and WOW! I am using the flat curve (only one I could find) for my HE400 and I like the sound of the EQed cans much better than stock. I thought I would miss the bass and, to be fair, having head shaking bass is nice, but flat, the bass sounds so much less intrusive...
  2. SantinoSan

    Etymotic ER4 versus ADDIEM

    Hello all.  I have been intrigued by the accuracy of the Etymotics but am curious of their signature versus other IEMs that I have, mainly the ADDIEMs.  How does the bass quantity and treble quantity compare.  I assume quality is much higher on the Etys, so I'm more concerned about sound...
  3. SantinoSan

    I am interested in an iem, with sound like the TF10, but with more bass.

    I recently discovered the TF10s and love the sound from them, but I would like more bass.  Is there any balanced driver iem that has a similar sound signature, but the sub-bass close to that of the Atrios?  I am considering full custom as well as universal. As it is, I can eq the TF10s to have...
  4. SantinoSan

    Yup, another which iem to buy thread.

    So, I am currently favoring some Monster Turbines, but the more I listen, the more the top end is starting to sound shrill, and not as clear as I like. A bit fatiguing. I LOVE the bass, and could even use a bit more if it was only sub-bass, say below 80 Hz, but still, the bass is great. the mids...
  5. SantinoSan

    First post, long time reader...few questions

    Hello all! I've been doing some experimenting with a few of the recommended budget eims and have yet to find the sound I like. I have the PL30 and find them too bass light for me, but the mid warmth is nice. I have the ADDIEMs and love the detail on the high end, but again, they are bass lite...