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  1. Ricardo Dawkins

    Android based Samsung YEPP!   I want this player to replace my crappy Zune 80. Come on, Samsung give us a nice feature set and price for this thing. Make it a Galaxy S phone sans the phone...   Goodbye, Zune. C YA. Goodbye, Zune...
  2. Ricardo Dawkins

    AKG K26p - Replacement Pads

    Hello I need to find replacement pads for my lone portable headphones. it is the AKG k26p. The original pads felt off the assembly from The headphones works fine but w/o pads the is no noise reduction. I'll post a photo of the headphones later. Anyone can help ?
  3. Ricardo Dawkins

    Repair AKG k26p (cup felt off)

    This is the case one of those cups just felt off. Everything else works fine. How do I put it back ? with cups...I mean the cushioned and padded things that clip the earphones to my ears. Thanks.
  4. Ricardo Dawkins

    Zune on Woot! for $99.99sss From Zunerama forums (thanks Apallohadas) Quote: Hello Zune Wooters, Thank you for supporting the amazing new social ecommerce entertainment web community, well, thanks for picking up the cheap Zune deal at the other...
  5. Ricardo Dawkins

    Zune Improvement Program - Feedback from all Zune owners

    Hi, Zune brothers....can you all go to this website and post your 10 most desired features to improve the Zune Generation 1 device. Just register yourself (free) and post the numbers of your most desired features. If you are a Zunescene member, there...
  6. Ricardo Dawkins

    How did you named your Zune ??

    Hello, fellow Zuners. The Social is growing. If you are reading this you are already part of it. So, as " #1 Black Box " owner and maybe the first Panamanian (Panama citizen here) to get the Zune, we want to know: How did you named your Zune ???