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  1. Benjamin6264

    CK10-SE535 hybrid CIEM

    Hey group. I'm thinking of getting a custom IEM made using my (currently unusable) Audio-Technica CK10's TWFK balanced armatures, but with an added Sonion 3300 dual BA from a pair of (also currently unusable) Shure SE535. The reshell would be made by AAW, whose executive assistant indicated...
  2. Benjamin6264

    Looking for a device which I'm not sure exists

    I am looking for a device to replace my laptop as the device that reads my music files.   I would like to be able to plug in an USB external hard drive on one end, then navigate through the files using a screen on the device, and play the music sending the digital signal to my DAC.  ...
  3. Benjamin6264

    HiFiMAN HM-801 DAC Inputs

    Hello everyone,   I have recently decided to go get myself the following setup:   HiFiMAN HM-801 -> HiFiMAN EF-6 -> HiFiMAN HE-6   The problem is that I'll be using the HM-801 as a dedicated source with my laptop, which doesn't have coaxial out. I am therefore forced to go USB, which...