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  1. MetroBBOY

    Ultrasone Pro 2900 Thread

    2900 Owners/Interested parties!   I hope this thread provides a lot of insight and builds enough information for potential buyers.    There has not been a comprehensive review of this headpone thus far, so feel free to contribute for all the existing and new Pro 2900 owners.   Cheers
  2. MetroBBOY

    Sennheiser HD598 & AKG Q701 Comparisons

    I am not posting a review on a side-by-side comparison, rather trying to obtain information.   Ready to spend some dough on either essentially. I have searched to death, however appears no one has done any comparisons. I would absolutely love it if a Head-fier actually owned both, and be...
  3. MetroBBOY

    Reputable cable modder for my Sony's?

    Hi All, I recently bought some Sony MDR-EX500 IEMs, but had these exchanged and pulled the gun on the Sony MDR-XB700 (for laptop home use). I would have went for the higher-end models such as AKG/Beyer through a local online store, but decided the Sony store credit would help me save more...
  4. MetroBBOY

    NEW Amp to go with my Triple.Fi 10 Pro's..

    I have been searching and came up with two possible candidates for my first portable amp.. Using: iPod Touch 2G + Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 Pro. Been looking at: Minibox-D & Meir Audio Corda XXS. I know the XXS is $120 more than the Minibox-D, so my choice is on a budget, but...
  5. MetroBBOY

    Entourage! (TV Show)

    Anyone here a fan? I have been since its inception. Season 5 so far is a killer season, where i feel the scripting is top notch and makes you feel like watching each episode again for greater satisfaction. Best line so far: Lloyd: "Are you hiding something from me Ari?" Ari: "Only my...
  6. MetroBBOY

    Can i sell my Shure SE310 here?

    Just purchased the UE Triple.Fi Pro 10. I got a replacement with a new box for the Shure SE310, unopened. Can i advertise here for mass advertising? i havent ebayed it yet. if anyone is interested, PM me.