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  1. K2Grey

    Uchida "conducting" from the piano Umm, is this serious? And yes, that was a serious question. I mean, I would assume there is a reason why she is making all these gestures, but it just looks so comical I have a hard time believing that anyone can actually follow it without...
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    Unusual Interpretation (Classical) Very unique interpretations. Try the sample of Prelude XVIII from Well-Tempered Clavier as well as the 1st movement of Mozart 40
  3. K2Grey

    IEM heartbeat

    For some reason I recently started hearing my heartbeat somewhat prominently, but only in my left ear, while wearing IEMs. I don't remember this having occured in the past months, for some reason. Damn, it is annoying. I kept trying to shift the left IEM around and pulled on my earlobe, or...
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    What kind of music should I get?
  5. K2Grey

    Why 5G iPod Seems > X5 iPod Rockbox seems to be pretty damn close to completion! Of course, it will probably take a good while before they actually release a working version to the general public. But the...
  6. K2Grey

    Karma Warranties

    Hi, Anyone know of any good places or warranty plans for the Rio Karma? I know J&R sells it and has a repair warranty plan, but I'm not sure about what happens if it's unrepairable (did send an email asking though) and would like to know if there are any better warranty options out there...
  7. K2Grey

    $120 Ety Er4p

    Just wanted to publicize this, it was originally posted in I don't really have a need for IEMs, but for those who do, damn this is a sweet deal... Edit: Oh wait, yeah, I should include the links from the other thread...
  8. K2Grey

    How much do open cans (HD580) leak

    Hi, I'm trying to decide on next and final (I will bet money with anyone who wants to that after this purpose I won't buy another for x period of time, any takers?) headphone purchase. Anyway I had decided that if I'm buying an open can I'll buy Sennheiser HD580, however, I have a few...