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  1. fozi

    Audiophile class closed headies from Sennheiser?

    Have you ever wondered why Sennheiser doesn't produce audiophile class closed back headphones? I have for a few days, and it took me 5 years to suddenly realise this. I think the 600-series is really demanding a believable closed back set. The 280 Pro doesn't do that job. It is clearly with...
  2. fozi

    Which one for DJ use/hiphop music - Sony MDR-V500DJ or AKG K 518 DJ?

    Hi, I really need your help on this one, 'cause I have very little of experience of DJ phones. The phones would come as a comforting gift for one of my best friends, who was cheated on a Sony V700DJ-phones deal (paid but never saw the phones). I found a used pair of Sony V500DJ for 40€ which...
  3. fozi

    HD 595 - 50 or 120 Ohm version?

    Hi there I'm planing to buy mentioned headphones, but I'm not sure which version is more suitable for me. I was already ready to buy the 50 ohm version for the price of 151€, but today I found 120 ohm version for 139€. All the 595s I have listened to, have been - as far as I know - 50 ohm...