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  1. blubliss

    O.J. Found Guilty!!!!

    Although it's not great to gloat in a person's suffering mess of a life, I can't help but believe in karma ever more firmly. O.J. was just found guilty on all counts (armed robbery, kidnapping, etc.) 13 years to the day after his murder acquittal. I remember that day and how sickened I felt...
  2. blubliss

    The Enigma by Synergistic Research/SinglePower Audio - Actively Shielded Cable PS

    Before we start, let me say that the skeptics need not read on. This is not for the "bit perfect is bit perfect" crowd. This is for those who believe in a little more than raw science. Who knows, maybe there is a good explanation, you can read about what Ted Denney thinks at the Synergisitic...
  3. blubliss

    Found a possible headphone storage bag: Is it safe?

    I found this bag used for silver storage that I want to use for my headphones: Zippered Silver Storage Bag by Hagerty® The issue is that it is treated with some compound to prevent tarnish: "The silversmith's cloth used contains R-22 that prevents tarnish by neutralizing the effect of...
  4. blubliss

    The SDS-XLR is here!

    After many months of impatient waiting, this beast of an amp has finally arrived. Let's just say that it was worth the wait. My system has gone to a whole new level of refinement. Now I am waiting for the Enigma to power my cables. Let's see what this mysterious thing will do. Here are some...
  5. blubliss

    VRS Revelation II

    I had an opportunity yesterday to experience something quite amazing. I met with the VRS people at a local high-end audio reviewers house to listen to a source which may change the high-end digital world. First, I will say that my experience with high-end CDPs is non-existent, so I had to...
  6. blubliss

    Source for Singlepower SDS-XLR

    Hi, I'm planning on stepping up to an Singlepower SDS-XLR w/some upgrades. I would really like to use my computer as my source, but am concerned that my options might be too limited. Does anyone have experience with the Emprirical Audio modded sources (DAC1 and/or Northstar). I know this...
  7. blubliss

    Japan - ATH-L3000 used

    Could someone help me buy a pair of ATH-L3000 in Japan and ship them to the US? I found a pair there. Please PM me if you are able to help. Thanks.