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  1. naamanf

    PCB/Circuit Design Software

    I am looking for software for circuit design and PCB design that can output PCB designs to gerber files. Of course I would like something that is either free or relatively inexpensive.
  2. naamanf

    Well That Sucked!

    It's back! In the time it was down I acquired three new phones
  3. naamanf

    DIY Balanced Tube Amp?

    I am looking for my next DIY project. I want to build a KGSS but I can't seem to get the boards for it. I was thinking maybe a balanced tube amp. Any suggestions?
  4. naamanf

    Looking for Preamps

    So think I am finally to the point where I need to get a preamp and be done with adding volume pots to me DIY amplifiers. I am looking for one with balanced inputs/outputs. Looking to spend about $1000. New/Used/DIY. Any suggestions?
  5. naamanf

    Thinking of K340s

    I am thinking about picking up a pair of AKG K340s. Of the phones that I have I listen to the K701s the most. How do the K340s compare to the K701s?
  6. naamanf

    Head-Fiers in the Military

    I am currently deployed to Iraq and was wondering how many other military members might have this crazy addiction. And if so what do/did you drag on deployment with you? And if your a REMF you can also chime in I currently have with me: K701s, D5000s, UE Triple-Fi 10, Mini3, Xin Reference...
  7. naamanf

    Scott Nixon USB DAC Build

    Since nobody else was doing it I figured I would bite the bullet and do a couple of the Scott Nixon USB DACs. I bought the boards direct from Scott. They are the USBDK2 and USBTD. Scott provides a PDF file that has basic information like parts locations and values but pretty much leaves it up to...
  8. naamanf

    Source Selector Extension Shaft Source

    What is a good source for extension shafts?
  9. naamanf

    Anything Smaller than the 0404?

    I picked up a 0404 and really like it. I still use an external amp with it. The only problem is the size. I would like some thing more portable. Any suggestions?
  10. naamanf

    FLAC Ripper?

    What is the consensus on the best ripper for FLAC files?
  11. naamanf

    Stax in Colorado?

    I really want to give the Stax Omega IIs a try. Anyone in Colorado have a pair for audition or know where I could?