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    Your Fav Chips

    Quote: Originally Posted by SiriuslyCold how can you eat chips while wearing headphones? Last I checked you don't wear your headphones on your mouth or eat with your ears.

    How many forum members does it take to choose a pair of headphones?

    1 person to ask what they will be plugging it into 1 person to recommend one of the 4 headphones they go into every thread and recommend, even if it's not a good choice based on what the person was asking for

    Burn-in Naysayers:

    Mental burn in here, just saying hi.

    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    Dieing to play FM3 but for a few various reasons I haven't been able to get my hands on it. Sucks man.

    Classical cans under $100

    Disregard the library folk and get the AD700 anyway. They are fantastic. You can probably use them without people hearing them as long as you keep them turned down. Since there isn't much noise in the library you don't have to turn it up much in the first place, so it would probably work...

    [S.O.S.] My first headphones! Looking for best headphones for Classic Rock and Jazz!

    I remember back when the RS2/1 were the top recommendation for headphones without an amp, what happened to that? Like people have said, the RS2 would probably fit your musical tastes quite well, even though it misses your sound preferences (flat neutral sound) by quite a bit. The only other...

    NDS or Shure SRH840?

    Shures, easily.

    Looking for headphones, please support me :)

    I bent the headband on my Q40s to relieve some of the cramp, but the pads are still just a bit shallow to match the comfort of the DT770s. I never spent enough time with the DT770s to make any comparisons on SQ though. God those Q40s had bass.

    Just Installed VMWare 3.0 and 64-bit Vista on my MBP

    Whoa walls of text. Yeah foobar is It does like to throw a fit if you mess with it's outputs though. If my DAC comes unplugged I have to restart the whole program. Shame. Windows is as well. I never really saw the need for 7 over XP when I used it, so I am still using XP.

    MP3 vs CD Player?

    If you are not going portable then definitely get a dedicated CD player. I have some old DVD player and it sounds fantastic. Shame I don't use it more often.

    Audio Technica AD700s - How do they fit?

    The little bits at the top can be bent plenty. Mine were a bit loose so I made the bands into a bit more of a V shape. Helps a good bit. They are still loose compared to other phones, but that makes them great for long listening sessions. I could have these on all day without problems. I also...

    Looking for headphones, please support me :)

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule But for VALIENTE, every time is Grado time! Ding. In fact they are everything he doesn't want in headphones. I can't think of anything more wrong with that recommendation. Looks like OP is going to be headed for something like the...

    Recommendation: really open back cans for movies

    Quote: Originally Posted by nightanole Title says it all. I have 4 large bookshelf speakers, dedicated sub, and onkyo 696 receiver for a pc setup. This is abit much so i would like to switch to cans. Right now i have some grado 60's (very clear, no bass) and some maudio Q40's (nice over...

    Going insane, need new headphones.

    AD700s and spend a lot of time listening to them, eventually you get used to the bass. Don't let anyone tell you they don't have bass. They have it, just not much impact. It's a very polite bass, tells the facts but isn't too imposing. Personally I love it even for electronic and stuff with...

    Cool Edit Pro won't play through headphones

    I never said return, just get rid of them and buy new ones. No one told you the head-fi slogan did they? You check what driver the program is using yet?

    From California, AdamCalifornia reporting about the Ferrari California

    Quote: Originally Posted by AdamCalifornia *************************************** How about some Ferrari California Rodeo? Ferrari ... California from the late 1950s early 1960s. *************************************** Doesn't that prove that people who drive...

    Cool Edit Pro won't play through headphones

    Why not? You know they are rubbish and now they don't even work. I've seen people come up with excuses a lot worse than that to buy a new pair of headphones. There should be a setting in the program for which sound driver to use, you might have to find the whazicaldheadset's driver there...

    What is your rating system? (for tracks/songs in your library)

    A++ 10/10 p. cool Get this off of my hard drive Simple as that.

    Cool Edit Pro won't play through headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by hatz87 I have these piece of crap creative fatality "gaming" headphones. It has an issue where if you plug it in and you already have an app open that emits sound, it will not play through the headphones until you close and reopen the app. That's a...

    Worst cheese you smelled?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Happy Camper I hope you didn't loose 20% of your common sense? Gained 20% better hearing.

    Left 4 Dead Two

    Quote: Originally Posted by SemiAudiophile interesting. i have psubuntu installed on my PS3. forgot which version, but one of the newer versions. ubuntu runs extremely slow as it is on the PS3, so i don't know how well L4D will fair on it. i think it's due to the extremely low amount of...

    music preference seem to skew impressions

    I'd go to say that being an audiophile encourages you to try out new music. It did a pretty good job on me, I went from listening just one or two types of electronic to way to many kinds of electronic as well as jazz, rock, metal, and classical. All good stuff, too.

    Left 4 Dead Two

    Quote: Originally Posted by jilgiljongiljing If its the same source engine I might be able to run it. Gabe hates PS3, he has been quite open about it as well. So Valve games wont come out on PS3 IIRC you can run linux on a PS3. I also happen to know that if you know what you...

    From California, AdamCalifornia reporting about the Ferrari California

    They should add (56k stay away!) after adam's name. Also, I'd still take an RS6 avant over both of them, even if it did mean that I am a male chicken.