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  1. adamlr

    The benefits of desktop amps vs portable ones?

    Sorry if this is a no brainer, i just wanted to confirm.   As far as iv gathered, an amp connected to an external power supply, i.e, the mains, will provide the proper voltage swing needed for dynamic range in the "packed" bits of music. I mean when theres like a crescendo or a climax where...
  2. adamlr

    Lets Talk About Fatigue

    Fatigue is often mentioned on this forum, but rarely discussed. When searching the site for existing discussions i found some, but they were from 2000 - 2004. In this thread, if people participate, i hope to better understand what fatigue is, and how to avoid it, as its plaguing my enjoyment of...
  3. adamlr

    can i correct sibilance?

    im using a pair of dt770 (250 ohm) and e11/jds cmoy. i was listening to a track by the glitch mob called "between two points" and part of the lyrics are "the shortest distance between two points is a lie". what i heard was "the shorTSeSTS diSTSanCE beTSween TSwo poinTS iS a lie...".   i...
  4. adamlr

    where did you get all this knowledge from?

    except for the actual sound engineers who studied professionally, where did all you "audiofiles" get all this information? what internet sites? what books? what movies?