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  1. Hellacious D

    Made my first two interconnects - one has a hum

    I made my first two interconnects using starquad, techflex, and HGA Lok plugs. One seems to work perfectly, but the other has a slight hum. I've noticed that the hum goes away when I loosen the locking barrel. What is the likely cause? Thanks, Jay
  2. Hellacious D

    Running out of room on my pc and thinking of getting an external hard drive

    So I want like a 500 gb hard drive. Are there differences between the various hard drives that would affect sound quality? I don't want to just purchase a random 100 dollar hard drive and miss out on some feature that could have made my music experience better. Any advice, suggestions, or help...
  3. Hellacious D

    What will sound better? USB Audiophile>DA-10 or a Rega Apollo?

    I've been trying to figure out whether to spend my money on one whole package (Apollo CDP) or go cheap on the source and buy an awesome dac (USB Audiophile>DA-10). What do you guys think and why? Thanks, Jay
  4. Hellacious D

    Saw the other Beyerdynamic amp thread, but I have other questions

    It seems to me that the bigger the amp, the higher the price. This is hard for me to understand. I would expect the bigger amps to be cheaper because you're not paying for someone to cram tons of electronics into a small space. My main question is: What's a good, cheap amp for the dt880s if...
  5. Hellacious D

    Of the following, which is the best iem? Super Fi 5 Pro, EB version, e4c, um1, er-4p

    Of the following, which is the best iem? Super Fi 5 Pro, Super Fi 5 Pro EB, e4c, um1, er-4p Thanks guys, this will help me choose. I realize that this almost all about opinion. I'd love to get a chance to listen for myself, but there aren't any shops where you can audition these in my area.
  6. Hellacious D

    Has anyone used a Monolith player? They seem pretty sweet.

    I'm mainly asking about the Monolith mx7000, but I'd like to get as much info as I can on this line of players. I know that their output is incredible for a portable player (28mW per channel) and they play lots of audio formats, however I can't find any reviews by head-fiers. Unfortunately it...
  7. Hellacious D

    What is the big deal with having a line out? (undoubtedly a stupid question)

    I've noticed, after reading many posts, that one of the biggest complaints about an otherwise good player is the lack of a line out. First of all, does a line out have to be a separate jack? On my sony hd5, you can turn on a line out mode in the option menu. Unfortunately, this just makes it...
  8. Hellacious D

    Rotel and Arcam CD players. Are they good?

    The owner of the closest audio shop swears by Rotel and Arcam CD players and Grado headphones. It's odd because I haven't seen anyone talk about Rotel or Arcam. How are they? I know he's listened to other stuff because he goes to test new audio equiptment when he closes his shop. He also has a...
  9. Hellacious D

    I have 500 dollars for a source for my SA5000s

    Can anyone recommend a good source for SA5000s? I have a total of 1k for my source and amp, so I'm thinking I should split the money. I'm not 100% sure if that's how I should do it, so any suggestions would be helpful. Jeff
  10. Hellacious D

    Looking for suggestions on an amp to make the SA5k more musical $500

    I have 500 to spend on an amp for a Sony SA5000. I'd like to make it sound more "musical." Any suggestions? Jeff
  11. Hellacious D

    Is the Denon DCM-360 a good source? Will it power Dt-880s unamped?

    Does anyone know anything about the DCM-360? Will it power Dt-880s? Is it a good source? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jeff