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  1. Digital-Pride

    The Sennhieser HD600 Appreciation Thread

    Well, since the original thread has been locked, I thought I start a new one.  Let's keep the cable, objective vs subjective, and other dead horse debates to a minimum.  This thread should provide a resource to those who have and or looking for advice on the HD600.  And of course for us to dote...
  2. Digital-Pride

    For our British Head-Fi brethren (and sisters)

    How are you guys and gals doing?  I ask because the riots that have been happening around England(with London apparently as the epicenter) has me very concerned.
  3. Digital-Pride

    So, what do you guys(and gals) think of the Nintendo 3DS?

    Just like the thread title asks, I like to get my fellow head-fiers opinion or perhaps simply have a discussion on the 3DS and or Nintendo's current direction.  I for one am extremely impressed with the specs and more importantly the upcoming games as they(well some of them) look...