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  1. CHINABOY1021

    Sony A7xx & A8xx clear case....$5.99??

    anyone try this case? Shield Protector Case 4 Sony Walkman NWZ-A726 A728 A729 - eBay (item 150266314175 end time Jul-09-08 10:57:03 PDT) how is the quality comparing to the one sold by Sony?
  2. CHINABOY1021

    im716: Control volume on pod or mp3??

    do you guys control the volume with the control pod or with your mp3 player? does it make a difference in sound quality or battery life?
  3. CHINABOY1021

    Iaudio D2 - how many movies can I fit??

    i've never had any experience with movies on a PMP, i've only been using a very old-school flash player for all this time. my Q: When i use the software Cowon provides with one of my 2 x 700MB divx movies, what does the size become?? I need to know this since im deciding between the 2 gig...
  4. CHINABOY1021

    :: Trance/EDM heads :: Etymotic ER-6I or Shure E2G

    i know this is probably the most reposted on thsi forum considering all the newbies cant decide between which one to get. yes, ive read quite a few threads comparing the 2. so, shures have more bass, etymotics have more clarity and less bass. now, i just cant decide which one i want (do...
  5. CHINABOY1021

    Iriver IFP-799 vs Ipod Shuffle

    i already have the ifp-799, but i want more "punch". should i get the ipod shuffle?? how does it compare to my iriver?? using with shure E2Gs.
  6. CHINABOY1021

    Shure E2C - warranty help

    my E2Cs crapped out on me recently (sound cracking, on and off in 1 ear). I emailed the guys at Shure and they've been really helpful and responsive. they want me to provide the # on the jack to prove its manufacturer date, but they are scratched off (from zen micro altoids case). Can...
  7. CHINABOY1021

    Iriver IFP-899 or IFP-799

    after searching for mp3 player that has top sound quality and not so expensive, i decided on a iriver flash. 899 or 799, which one should i get?? is there a difference in sound between them?
  8. CHINABOY1021

    Zen Micro - Headphone Jack problem??

    ive had my zen for about 4-5 monthes and i think it's got the infamous headphone jack problem. sometimes, the sound gets crunchy as if there is a bad connection. headphone jack problem or just my E2Cs crapping out??
  9. CHINABOY1021

    Shure users - foamie vs supersoft flex

    which can provide better insolation? both the same? also do you use the same size supersoft flex tips, as you use for foamies?? (trying to decide which size supersoft tips to buy) thx *oops i posted in wrong forum. sorry
  10. CHINABOY1021

    Shure E2Cs + zen micro, looking for upgrade

    hi guys, after a month listening to E2Cs, i now understand what the reviews meant when they mentioned "lack of bass". that said, im looking for new earphones with a bit more "fun" and bass. i listen to trance. i need highs and lows. 3 earphones ive been eyeing. sony ex71 - ive read...
  11. CHINABOY1021

    How do you charge your Zen Micro??

    my zen doesnt come with AC adapter, so i can only charge it through USB cord through PC. now, what's the best (fastest perhaps?) way to charge. plug it in, turn the player off? or does it matter if i just leave it connected to zen micro media explorer?
  12. CHINABOY1021

    Zen Micro - "this file cannot be created"

    im using zen micro media explorer. what could be causing this problem?
  13. CHINABOY1021

    Question regarding firmware

    i just bought a ifp-190t. updated the firmware. it displays as 250megs. the unit is advertised as 256mb. i dont mind missing 6megs, just wondering if this is normal. also when im not playing a song, on the lcd, it displays: "tracks 22 ''''''''''''#$" whats the ''''''''''''#$ mean? thx
  14. CHINABOY1021

    Iriver 190t deal

    theres a 20$ rebate from the site. anyone know how long this is going to last? my local store has a 40$ MIR since its canadian. just wondering if this is this is limited time deal.
  15. CHINABOY1021

    AKG K240DF Studio Headphones

    I am a newbie with all these head phone and audio stuff. but i found a person selling these head phones for 100cnd and thought it was a great deal. are these head phones good? i just want to use it with my mp3 player. will they keep other noises out? comfy? i have no idea what those numbers...
  16. CHINABOY1021

    Samsung Yepp vs Iriver 180t

    iRiVER iFP-180T Music Player or Samsung Yepp YP-55I MP3 Player UGH! i cant make up my mind. - price is not a concern (between these 2) - memory is not a concern main concern: A lot of people swear by Irivers, but not a lot of people mention the yepps. is it because yepps are not...
  17. CHINABOY1021

    Samsung Yepp YP-55I firmware upgradable?

    i dont understand exaclty what firm ware is. its a program that is in the mp3 player that allows it to convert data into sound right? so if the yp-55i has upgradable firmware according to the website, they will release something for ogg?
  18. CHINABOY1021

    iRiver IFP-180T vs Samsung yepp

    im gonna be honest to myself, i really like the Samsung Yepp YP-55I. it has 50% more memory than the iRiver. but the price is still there to pay for. ive got a lot of good suggestions here on the Irivers. they sound great and they're great in general. but i like the samsung a lot better for...
  19. CHINABOY1021

    What small mp3 player supprots 2.0?

    small size, is there any unit that uses 2.0?
  20. CHINABOY1021

    help me choose mp3 player

    I currently have a mz-n505 and i dont like the fact its big, bunch of wires ( i use remote ), and has to convert to atrac and record. so bascially im looking at the Samsung Yepp with 192mb. thats enough space for me. my only question is...Quality wise, atrac vs 128bit mp3. i saw a...
  21. CHINABOY1021

    MP3 or ATRAC

    hi. i am quite newbie about the quality of these 2 different files. im looking to either buy a mzn-10 or the new sony network player. my main concern is the sound quility. i researched that atrac is 132kbp and mp3 is usually 128kbp. i cant bother to search for 192 and 320 kbp mp3...