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  1. buson160man

    Miss the old annual meets in Chicagos Westmont suburb before axpona

    Before Axpona there use to be a annual meet in Westmont a suburb of chicago. I know axpona has a much more elaborate headphone event but it was nice having the event there in westmont. Got to hear some of the local and not so local set ups that participants brought to the meet. It was a lot of...
  2. buson160man

    excellent mod for akg 701 phones that really makes a huge difference

     I have had my akg 701s for over 5 years now. Mine were made in Austria. A short time ago I unfortunately tripped over the cord and lost the sound on my akg 701s. I considered buying a new pair but decided that maybe just having the plug changed would restore my beloved 701s to working order. So...
  3. buson160man

    Wow first harry pearson now joe grado this has been a mournfull time for some of the great pioneers of the audio age

     I just saw that joe grado has passed away this morning. Having passed on feb 06 2015. Recently we just lost harry pearson from the absolute sound . We will definitely miss them and their contributions to the world of audio.
  4. buson160man

    Memories old stereo chains we used to visit from way back in the ninetteen seventies

      I have many fond memories of when I was a teenager first stating out in my passion for hi fi. I remember many hours spent salivating over vintage stereo equipment that I listened to back in the seventies that I could not afford . I made many friends and met many fellow stereophiles back in the...
  5. buson160man

    cable pro reverie headphone cable for audeze headphones

      I have had my lcd2 v2s for a couple of years . While I have appreciated their strengths they have some deficiencies as well. One of those was a sense of reserve at the top that robbed the listening experience of some of the excitement of listening to music. I decided about five months ago to...
  6. buson160man

    The concept 16.5 monster vintage receiver fro the late 1970s.

    I have followed threads relating to the use of vintage receivers as headphone amplifiers. I have owned a set of audeze lcd2 v2 headphones for at least a couple of years and over that time I have been somewhat underwhelmed by its performance with a number of headphone amps that I have either...
  7. buson160man

    has anyone hreard the new nordost heimdall 2 headphone cable for the audeze headphones?

     I was reading the latest absolute sound when I saw a advertisement for a brand new heimdall 2 headphone cable for the audeze headphones. I could not find any pricing for the new leash on the net . I am hoping someone has some information on the pricing of this new headphone cable for the audeze...
  8. buson160man

    How does the schiit mjolner sound as a preamp, help me out

    I have read a thousand comments about the mjolner as a headphone amp but have not seen any mention of how it sounds as a preamp. I have audeze lcd 2 v2s and it looks to be ideally suited as a amp for them but I also intend to use it as a preamp for my emotiva airmotiv 5s on my computer desk top...
  9. buson160man

    Saw new audeze x-model on display at one of the tables at the chi-unify meet how did it sound?

    I glanced a new audeze x model at the chi unify meet. I did not attend the meet but I saw the new audeze model in one of the photos of some of the equipment being displayed. was wondering if anyone had listened to it at the chi-unify meet held nov 2.  Any impressions of how it sounds would be...
  10. buson160man

    how does the bryston bh1a preamp work with powered speakers?

      I at present have a pair of emotiva stealth 8 powered monitors that I am using with an audio research Ls1 mk II preamp that has single ended inputs and balanced outputs that go to the powered stealth 8 monitors. I am thinking about the bryston bha-1 headphone amp/preamp. I like the option of...
  11. buson160man

    how does the oppo 105 sound on movies?

     I at present have a denon 3931ci universal player that I use for playing dvds back on my living room set up. I was wondering how the oppos sabre dacs sound on movie playback.Most comments are made about the players apparently excellent sound out of its two channel dedicated audio jacks. I was...
  12. buson160man

    emotiva pro has a new active speaker the stealth six

     I was browsing the emotiva pro website today and saw they have introduced a new model called the stealth six.It is a higher end offering betwen the regular airmotiv six and the stealth eight.But it more closely follows the stealth eight in its pedigree.It goes a bit lower than the airmotiv six...
  13. buson160man


     For those clamoring for another review in print of the lcd check out the march 2013 issue of the hifi news record review magazine out of england.Just thought i would put this out there for anyone interested.
  14. buson160man

    audio research ls2 mk II preamp a good preamp for the emotiva airmotiv 6 active speakers

     I recentlly bought a pair of emotiva airmotiv 6s for the  holiday sale price.I had airmotiv 5s but I found that while they were great for my desk top in my computer catch all spare second bedroom they just were not enough speaker for my living room sound system.  So I bought a pair of the...
  15. buson160man

    oppo bdp 105 how good does it work as a digital preamp

      I have just picked up a new pair of emotiva airmotiv 6 active speakers and was wondering how good the preamp stage is in the new oppo bdp105 universal player.I presently have a peachtree decco 2 that I am using as a dac/preamp and I was wondering how the preamp stage in the oppo player would...
  16. buson160man

    audioquests new three iec power strip iec-3

     After I just saw the short synopsis about the new audioquest 3 outlet power strip in the new stereophile on page 141, I purchased one from music direct.I hooked it up two days ago using it to power my emotiva airmotiv 5 active monitors.I am using emotiva iec power cords to power them.I used a...
  17. buson160man

    peachtree decco 2 and powercords

    I recently bought a refurbished decco 2 to use primarily as a preamp usb dac for my computer.It is certainly very versatile in the computer sound area.The dac is proving to be the strong point of this unit.I have not listened to the onboard amp because I am using emotiva active 5 powered...
  18. buson160man

    burson ha-160 headphone amp with nordost brahma power cordlistening impressions

    I purchased a nordost brahma power cord on a close out earlier this year and I am posting my impressions of the pairing of my burson ha-160 amp with the brahma power cord.I originally did not intend to use this rather pricey power cable with my burson but after trying the combination I found it...
  19. buson160man

    emotiva airmotiv 5 initial impressions

     I just received my airmotiva 5 active speakers yesterday around noon time.The speakers appear to be well made and are a little heavy for their size.Of course they are as they should be they contain two amplifiers in each cabinet.Appearance wise they are covered in a vinyl faux leatherette.They...
  20. buson160man

    has anyone rolled the tube in their decco 2 amp

    I have just bought a refurbished decco 2 from peachtree and after checking the spec sheet on their website they list the tube type as 6n1p.I have read that the tube they use in their preamp is not the most neutral sounding tube and I guess masks things.I was wondering if anyone has rolled the...
  21. buson160man

    just saw another new product from burson the conductor dac/preamp/amp

     I was browsing and on bursons site and I just saw another new product from burson.This I am sure is what a lot of people have been waiting for a dac/headphone amp/preamp built around the soloist.There is going to be a ton of blogs about this one. I again would like to hear anyones opinions of...
  22. buson160man

    the absolutes sound september 2012 issue article about the best and best sounding film soundtracks of all time

     Attn all of you soundtrack fans    I believe this is a must have issue for all of you soundtrack fans.I myself found this article extemely enjoyable to read.Of course the article could have been even longer but I guess they had to limit its length to fit in the issue.You could easily fill a...
  23. buson160man

    nordost brahma power cord

     I recently borrowed a older nordost  eldorado power cable from a friend and tried it in my system on my cd player.I liked what I heard it seemed to be a better match than the cord I am using now which was an emotiva power cord which at $69.95 was a wise purchase.I was using the outrageously...
  24. buson160man

    new headphone amps

     I have read about a number of new headphone amps recently one from hifi man,two from cary audio and one from bryston.I am fairly new to the headphone game but I think its great to see it thriving. Keep them coming.By the way i would like to see anyones impressions on these new amplifiers.
  25. buson160man

    hifi man high end headphone amp

    I was browsing head-fi when i came across the new top of the line headphone amp that hi-fi man is about to release.I was wondering if the hi-fi man people were showing the amp at the ces for 2012.If so I would love to hear anybodies impressions of the amp.Actually i was wondering if anybody has...