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  1. anikalsi

    Noble Audio Wizard Savanna Giveaway!

    1) 123,674 2) 147,352 3) 156,832
  2. anikalsi

    Noble Audio Wizard Savant Giveaway!

    1) 103,623 2) 105,293 3) 108,410
  3. anikalsi

    [TEASER] Massdrop x ??? - New Custom In-Ear Monitor available September

    If I want a universal version like those which are given to shops as demo units, can that be done? Also, if it can, will there still be customization options for the shell?
  4. anikalsi

    ALGIZ and IKIZ = SPECIAL 40% discount

    @Armaegis Apologies.
  5. anikalsi

    ALGIZ and IKIZ = SPECIAL 40% discount

    Edit - Sorry Kennerton, being rude was not my intent. Sorry.
  6. anikalsi

    ALGIZ and IKIZ = SPECIAL 40% discount

    Yeah I've heard both but a while back. I remember the Algiz as having weird imaging and a weird soundstage (like nothing I've heard before) and I think the Ikiz was on the bassier side of things but was still pretty clear. Both were pretty large though and didn't fit in my ears well as all 
  7. anikalsi

    June Headfi Singapore Meet

    Cheers! Nice to know that we'll be able to try some of the latest stuff from Yulong at the meet too! :)
  8. anikalsi

    IEMs under $50

    Ok, good luck!
  9. anikalsi

    IEMs under $50

    I'd say the Ostrys. You seem to like more aggressive music which suits the KC's sound sig more than the Havi's. I love my KC06A and didn't really like the Havi's when I tried them in store.
  10. anikalsi

    Sub 200$ headphones for a 'Silent Booth' situation?

    HD280 Pros with HM5 pads would be very good at isolation and at moderate volumes they should block out almost all noise.    That being said, IEMs are the kings of noise isolation and you might want to get those instead, but the problem I can see with those is that the contestant might not...
  11. anikalsi

    Earphones around $200

    I've heard that the IE60s are quite awful for the money...everyone I know who has tried them thinks that much cheaper IEMs are better than them. I'd suggest avoiding them and going for the more expensive route. 315s are good but I wouldn't really call them fun sounding, and I quite like the...
  12. anikalsi

    Looking for IEMs under $100 CAD

    I have a feeling that you might like the ATH-IM50s
  13. anikalsi

    IEM Advice - ~$60

    Check out my reply to you on the IM50s in the IM series thread! Also, The Creatives might be what you're looking for, but they aren't amazingly well built. Also, they're a lot cheaper on Creative's website now since new Aurvana IEMs have been released. Btw, the SE112 aren't anything like the...
  14. anikalsi

    Help me find an in-ear under $250

    Check out the RHA MA750, ATH-IM70, and the Ostry KC06A. If you want to max your budget, you could also have a look at the Sennheiser IE80. 
  15. anikalsi

    Review of Audio Technica ATH-IM01, ATH-IM02, ATH-IM03, ATH-IM04, ATH-IM50, & ATH-IM70

    If they lasted under a year, that means they're still under warranty. The same thing happened with my pair and I just got in touch with AT and went down to their service centre with the proof of purchase and got a brand new set! That one's going strong.
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