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  1. HazeIT

    UE TF10 by ... Dreamworks?

    Mine just arrived. are they made using Shrek ears impression or something? how the hell do you fit these things? with pictures I spent more time trying to fit these things in my ears then my wife took getting ready for the marriage. Also, the cable are damn thick, they just don't contour...
  2. HazeIT

    Looking for an affordable amp for RE0+Sansa Fuze

    Well, giving that I'm using a $38 player with a $79 IEM, I think it's clear that I'm a cheap bastard and a RSA Mustang is not an option. My RE0 didn't arrive yet, but I heard that they need an amp to go with the Sansa Fuze. Are there any cheap amps that go well with this player/IEM?