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  1. stokitw

    Looking for a pair of noise cancelling headphones for all genres.

    In terms of noise cancelling, able planet clear harmony is only comparable to QC1. I don't think there is any phone can beat QC15 in noise cancelling ability.   All NC phones suffer in audio quality due to the NC no matter which technology they are using. To me, the most important part...
  2. stokitw

    Why make SACD hybrid CDs ?

    Because they have to do it for survival. Most of early single layer SACDs did not fare well in the market, due to the slow development of SACD player market.   Now even Sony stops making new SACD player, single layer SACDs make no sense if the publisher wants to increase the customer base...
  3. stokitw

    Most noise isolating portable over ear phones

    You could try KRK KNS8400. The memory foam pads is very comfortable, almost as good as QC15's pads. It's isolation is pretty good as a pair of closed back phones.   The only complaint I have is that the pads are so comfortable that I sometimes forget I am listening to a pair of...
  4. stokitw

    Amp for Grado PS1000

    For the system, I would recommend Grace Design M902 if usb is not an option for you or Grace Design M903 to utilize its asynchronous usb. This is perhaps the most cost and hassle efficient best for low-impedance phones system.   As for GS-1000 and PS500, I maybe bias toward GS-1000 since I...
  5. stokitw

    Plz recommend!!!! Which Grado is fit to me?????

    GS-1000 without cable: 270g with cable: 347g Thanks for the jumbo pad, you cannot even feel it.   Not to mention it fits your music preference very well. If you do not want to spend too much, Try AKG K702 or GMP 435/400/450   FYI Senn HD800: official weight: 330g, actual weighting...
  6. stokitw

    PS1000 Impressions Thread

    PSK sounds more robust. That is, GSK could sound bad in unsuitable system. Also, PSK sounds more controlled in some occasions like the climax of large scale orchestral work.   The overall sound signature is similar while using suitable system. PSK is slightly better, but the problem is...
  7. stokitw

    Most noise isolating portable over ear phones

    The newer QC15 come with cable which is a little bit more sturdy than the old one. There is also someone on Amazon who's selling replacement cable which is comparable to the new cable. I know these because I bought a replacement cable from the guy on Amazon for my old QC15 and I bought a new...
  8. stokitw

    Classical Guitar SACD Suggestions   Popular Classics for Spanish Guitar by Julian Bream   Note: this one only has two-channel, yet a great SACD.
  9. stokitw

    Bose QuietComfort 15 on rechargeable batteries?

    Nope, Never.   Quote:    
  10. stokitw

    USB-to-SPDIF converters: Snake-oil fad or worth adopting?

    I think the most important feature for USB-to-SPDIF is to take advantage of async usb.   If your DAC has async usb already, USB-to-SPDIF could only help if you want to connect two computers to your DAC and enjoy async usb on both of them.
  11. stokitw


    I don't think so, all its analog inputs are 2 channels. Using Sony's lineup as examples, you have to go above STRDG920 to get 5.1 analog input. If you want to spend those kind of money, it is actually better to get HDMI capable SACD player and receiver (almost the top of Sony product line)...
  12. stokitw


    You need a receiver which can take 5.1 analog input via RCA. Recently, this function was left out from lots of mid or low-level receivers. You may need to find some older model around 2000 for cheap options.   Quote:  
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    Well, I did take care of the audio level while I am comparing. To me the difference is pretty clear for DSD all the way productions. Even after 30+ DSD all-the-way discs, I cannot find a counter example.   I do respect your tests, however my experience is just quiet different.  ...
  14. stokitw


    While I do agree the major difference comes from the multichannel, I do not agree that the difference between SACD and CD is too little to ignore in 2 channel. Just like you said, lots of reissues actually been through the remastering. It could be the remastering cause most of the audible...
  15. stokitw

    Bose QuietComfort 15 on rechargeable batteries?

    I just put my rechargeable battery in my QC15 and it works fine.... Can't talk about the battery life for using rechargeable though.   I use QC15 mainly on flights, the 40hrs battery life using regular battery is good enough for me.        
  16. stokitw

    akg k271 vs k240

    Nope, they sound very similar, K240 is slightly plainer than K271 because of the open-ended design.   This is not conflicting with what's the FR graph shows. The graph merely connects the dots of how loud one particular frequency a pair of headphone make in a very short period of time...
  17. stokitw

    akg k271 vs k240

    Opened end phone needs to pump up the volume in low frequency to make it sounds similar to its closed brother. The reason is quite simple, the amount of energy can stay in the closed air room in closed phones but not for open-end phones.   Frequency response does not tell us too much in...
  18. stokitw

    akg k271 vs k240

    I have both of them. Yes, they both have detachable cable. They will sound ok (but not great) from your cell phone. The sound signature of those two are similar, they are good for people who cares about sound of instruments. The so call "lack of bass" problem (the reason why some may not...
  19. stokitw

    does anyone still love their ps1000?

    It really depends on the system.   The story goes like this: Grado phones are 32 ohm and easy to get acceptable quality. So people can easily get into the game with lower tier Grado phones, After a while, when people want to try phones from the other brand typically with higher ohms...
  20. stokitw

    Which noise cancelling headphones - Bose QC15 or Sennheiser PXC 450 or something else? Please help!!!!

    QC15 is the ONE for noise cancelling. In your situation where noise cancelling is most important, you'll regret to sacrifice NC on the plane for SQ off the plane....    
  21. stokitw

    BEST closed back headphone for classical music

    GMP450pro is great for classical. I don't have much experience with other high-end closed-back phones, but GMP450pro is definitely a level better than K271. It is definitely the closed-back choice among its level (K701/K702, DT990, HD650). However, it fits very loose, so it does not...
  22. stokitw

    Album recommendation of Chopin's Nocturne?

    Moravec Rubinstein Francois...
  23. stokitw

    PC Speakers suggestions

    T40 sounds more complete than T20. T20 sounds shallow in comparison.   Mind to get a used one for gift? I actually have one pair of T40 (series I not series II) available for sale.. Quote:  
  24. stokitw

    Reply to review by 'stokitw' on item 'Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones'

    My earmuff itself claims 30db reduction, so earmuff + earplug should give you 30db+ reduction. QC15 is not as good as 30db, but it is way more comfortable. My tests are actually very demanding, e.g. the lawn mower is running outside my apartment with window opening. You should not expect the...
  25. stokitw

    Loud hiss with Senneheiser RS 180

    Make sure you find a good match between the source volume and headphone volume. Try to turn up or down the source volume and adjust the headphone volume accordingly.   Even with digital transmission, finding a adequate source volume is still the key of audio quality for wireless phones.  ...