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    Who all does mixing?

    Probably better known as DJing, anyone else here like to do it? I'm stuck with using my computer (traktor yay!) but lately I've finally been getting the hang of it, not using autosync and what-not. Maybe one day I will stop being cheap and get a controller or a cheap dual CD setup... Not...

    Cable question

    Bit of a strange one. I have a set of headphones that use two different ground lines, however that cable broke and I swapped part of it to a cable that uses just one ground line. Will there be any major difference in sound, like a crossfade? I'm 98% sure there shouldn't be but I wanted to...

    Anyone know what spider this is?

    I was just minding my business and this guy comes down from the ceiling and scares the bejebus out of me. I took a few pictures before promptly whacking the snot out of it with a fly swatter. ImageShack - A few weeks ago a spider snuck up on me while I was on the throne, not fun.

    Headphone rotation?

    Now a majority of the people on this site have more than one set of headphones (If you don't, you'd better be out buying some. ). The question is, how do you decide which ones to use? I seem to start listening to some kind of music and decide that one of my main headphones (AD700s or MS1s)...

    Water water water....ugh

    Right, thought the best place to ask this is my favorite headphone forum, naturally. Basically, I hate water. I hate the way it tastes and if I try to drink more than a gulp or so it starts to make me gag. It's been like this for as long as I can remember and I've gotten around it by just not...

    Quick recabling question,

    Right well my IM chat buddy ich is being a goober and what not, so I have to ask here. I'm planning on recabling my portapros with some canare star quad wazzitcald. Now the cable has both the left and right channels in it, what I don't know is what to do after the cable splits. Is it just the...

    Thread without a designated topic II!

    Right, well we need some rules this time. 1) No posting pictures of females, period. if you post a picture that contains females and other stuff, censor the females. Stuff like that tends to set the thread going into areas that piss off a certain mod. 2) Lay off the suggestive stuff, see...

    AD700 headband mod?

    Right well this is a bit of a odd preference of mine, but I don't quite like the AD700 headband. Yes it is extremely comfortable, but for someone with a good bit of hair like me, it just comes off way to easily. Personally I wouldn't mind wearing them outside the house once and a while but the...

    Got a turntable! Now for the rest of the setup.

    Right, well I got me a turntable today, and it seems to work for the most part. It's a bic 981, and it apparently needs a new needle. Any ideas for a new needle? Also, being someone who has never owned a turntable before, I don't have a phono or any of that stuff, or at least for the most...

    The thread without a designated topic.

    Thought I'd try something new. Seeing as I have had tons of fun hijacking threads the last few days, why not make a thread that is basically nothing but one hijack after another? Rules are simple, don't hijack a topic that just got started, so we can actually talk about something for a while...

    General L4D/Writing on dollar bills thread.

    Don't forget to use material that can be washed/removed from the dollar later! Oh, and who all likes sniper rifles? EDIT: Whoops hold on. Photoshop time EDIT 2: Fix'd

    Low end custom IEMs?

    Alright I made a post in the livewires thread but I didn't get any responses so, How do things shape up in the lower end of custom IEMs? Like the 200-300$ range? The only ones I can think of off the top of my head that fit here are the livewires. Anything else? Also, how to these shape up...

    Another reccomendation thread, <200$ & isolating

    Well I've been enjoying my recent purchases, but I wanted to take a look into the closed headphones as well. Right now the only closed cans I have are my Q40s, which frankly don't sound very good at all compared to my AD700s and MS1s, due to it's 'if it aint bass it's recessed' problem. I'll...

    So what are the 'best' portable sources anyway?

    Hopefully this thread won't end up in the toilet, but I wanted to start it anyway, Are there any portable sources that are significantly better than others? I've heard that some of the older CD players are better than most DAPs.... what about, say, a H120/140 being used with a DAC through the...

    Total bithead VS D10?

    Yes yes more amp recommendations. It's starting to annoy me as well. Anyway, in order to narrow down the choices a bit I decided to make it portable amps that include a DAC. The amp will spend half of its time in my pocket during school (at least until summer) and the rest of the time hooked...

    100$ price range?

    Well with all this fuss about portable amps being junk and what not going around recently, I thought it might be worth seeing whats at the low-low-low end of the desktop range; from the looks of it this is about 100$. I've done a tiny tid bit of searching and I've come up with the little dot...

    Minibox E+ vs ibasso D10

    Well since my thread has all but died, I decided to make a new one. The situation has changed a bit anyway. The amp will be used most all the time, into some yuin G1As and a set of possibly amp dependent large cans, not sure what yet (Denon D2k, pro 550, something like that). It will...

    Cowon u5 -> sansa clip?

    Well I was doing a bit of reading, and apparently the sansa clip is, according to you guys, one of the best sounding DAPs. I do a good part of my listening away from my computer, so having a good DAP is a important part of my setup. Right now I have a cowon U5, would it be worth upgrading to a...

    D2k VS PRO 550 VS KH-K1000

    Well my old thread is starting to die so I thought I would start a new one. I'm looking for a good higher-end closed headphone. Something in the 200-400 range but I might go higher (Wallet: NOOOOOOOO) if it's worth it. Current contenders are the Denon D2000, Ultrasone PRO 550, and Kenwood...

    Anyone heard these speakers before?

    I know a guy that has a set of mackie HR824 mark Is. I've listened to these a long time ago, but that was before I became a 'audiophile' and I don't really remember what they sounded like. Has anyone here had/listened to them? General overview of their sound signature and all that perhaps...

    Let's have a eurobeat thread!

    Yes, there was another eurobeat thread, but it was last bumped in 2006 or something so I thought a new thread might be in order. Anyone else listen to the stuff? I had stopped listening for a while but I just started again and I've found why I started listening in the first place. I got...

    Good neutral buds?

    A friend of mine wants some smaller headphones, and since he doesn't like IEMs (the insertion and all) the only thing I can think of is a good bud. He wants something neutral, balanced and all that, good SQ as well (or at least the best SQ you can get in this range). They will be used without...

    Recommendations for a newb

    Well after using some cheap lil' koss earbuds (Or IEMs as you folks call them) I recently bought a set of portapros. I love the sound and now I'm getting into all this high quality audio stuff. Of course, these portapros leak more sound then a waterfall over a dam, so I was thinking for my next...