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  1. Rizlaw

    Is it possible to connect multiple amplifiers to a single DAC?

    Consider this:
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    Woo Audio WA6 + WA6SE: Tubes, Comments, Pictures, and Advice

    As I understand it, audio signals do not pass through rectifier tubes, but they can affect the sound indirectly. You might take a look at these links for more of an answer:
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    "Most Pristine Folk Recording You Ever Heard" Free Download - Chesky Binaural+

    Because this is a special Chesky Binaural+ recording, I felt this was as good a place as any to post this for those who haven't seen it yet. The website "" is promoting, with Chesky, a free full album download of "The New Appalachians - From The Mountain Top". There are...
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    Bit Perfect Audio from Linux

    "far more intelligent" probably not.  But, I'm glad my post helped you.
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    The Decware TABOO MK 111 Thread

    I just posted a poll on the Decware site:   You might be interested in voting. Perhaps we will get our wish.
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    The Decware TABOO MK 111 Thread

    Steven doesn't appear to be actively advertising the Zbit. I'm not sure why. I stumbled upon it from his post about why many of his smaller amps don't have balanced inputs.   If you read my posts on the Zbit, you will note I mentioned that I felt the sound of the Zbit directly into the Taboo...
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    The Decware TABOO MK 111 Thread

    I don't think the problem is that it would be "hard to add", just expensive since you would have pay for shipping both ways. From the Netherlands, I imagine that would be a hefty sum in addition to the mod. BTW, just to give you my experiences with the Taboo III:   1. When listening via...
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    The Decware TABOO MK 111 Thread

    ToTje,   Unlike the Taboo II, the Taboo III amp does not have a speaker switch. Nor, does it automatically cut out the speakers when a headphone is plugged in. It would be nice if it did. I imagine Steve may have felt that the switch was no longer needed or that it sonically degraded the sound...
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    Toslink signal switcher/selector device, one source to two outputs?

    Could this be what you're looking for: Forget it, I just noticed your note at the end of your post. The above switch is RCA analog stereo only; no optical ins or outs.
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    The Woo Audio 2

    DSG,   I sent an email off to Jack this A.M. about the current production WA2 sockets and he just responded:     Since my purchase back in 2011 when Teflon sockets were an option, he now includes Teflon sockets as standard and increased the price to reflect the upgrade in parts. I'm...
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    Woo WA2 Tube Rolling Recommendations

    I own the WA2  and a Decware CSP3. I have used the WA2 as a preamp (good but not great results) and currently use it as a headphone amp. Your post states that you are looking for a preamp, that is "powerful . . . with great dynamics", therefore, I suggest you look at the Decware CSP3...
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    Thanks Ronalde,   When I made that post back in 2011, the new JRiver downloader didn't exist. However, I am well aware of new JRiver downloader and have tried it in Crossover. It works, but, IMO, it's still a kludge. I will refrain from any ranting on the subject, but, it really shouldn't be...
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    The Decware TABOO MK 111 Thread

    Jazzgas,       Quote:   Yes, you have it right. But, I sensed that if I pushed and begged a little more he might have relented. So, by all means, you can ask him for the "mix" and see if he changes his mind. He's not an unreasonable fellow and really wants, and goes out of way, to...
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    The Decware TABOO MK 111 Thread

    Quote:   I don't use IEMs, but I do have and use, from time to time, Beyerdynamic DT-1350 which are 80ohms/109db sensitivity (they also have the newer Tesla drivers). When plugged into my new CSP3 they are dead quiet, no hum at all. I can't turn the stepped attenuator on the CSP3 more...
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    The Decware TABOO MK 111 Thread

    Since everyone has been speculating on the new CSP3 on this thread I thought this would be the best place to give you guys the first look at CSP3 Serial No. 001. Arrived via UPS about an hour ago. Sorry for the poor photos taken with an old Motorola cellphone.  The CSP3 in photos has all of the...
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    The Decware TABOO MK 111 Thread

    Quote: You might want to read Steve white paper on troubleshooting hum:   Quote:
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    The Decware TABOO MK 111 Thread

    Quote: OPR8R,   In case you aren't aware, the Taboo III has input level adjustments for both inputs. You can independently adjust the input level of your DAC-2 and phono preamp. I use my Taboo III for phono and DAC-2 and it works just fine as long as you have a sufficiently high output...
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    The Decware TABOO MK 111 Thread

    Quote: No. If you don't already have one, you will need a phono preamp (moving magnet or moving coil or both). Something like Steve's ZP3 for moving magnet alone. There are also less expensive phono preamps which you can consider here:  ...
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    Q Cable Impressions Thread

    Thank Steve.   The X-202-B in the picture was the heart of my very first high-end system back when I was about 16 (a very long time ago) along with the matching Fisher Tuner,  a pair of Janzen speakers and Weathers turntable with Weathers strain gauge cartridge. Last year I resurrected the...
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    Q Cable Impressions Thread

    Newest convert to the "Q".   Steve says I'm the first to order and receive the brown silk with a brown phenolic TRS plug. Steve was also right in saying it looked wonderful. I've only listened for all of 2 minutes, but it sounds more open and detailed compared to my upgraded Audeze cable. My...
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    Audeze "Vegan" pads vs Lambskin - Comfort and sound?

    Quote: Not difficult at all. Awhile back, I posted a pictoral step by step:   Audeze also has a "howto" video on their website:   All you need is a little care...
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    Audeze "Vegan" pads vs Lambskin - Comfort and sound?

    +1. I agree with paradoxper, the "vegan" pads are very comfortable and can be worn for extended periods without serious discomfort.  I hear no significant difference in sound quality between leather and vegan pads on my LCD-2.1s, although I was told by Sankar when I order a pair of  "vegan"...
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    And you thought Audioengine A2 was good, LOL: Here's my Near-Field MONSTER desktop rig for less than $200!

    FWIW, looks like Steve Guttenberg agrees:$70/
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    Woo WES stock v. maxxed

    Quote: With respect to any Woo headamp product, it refers to purchasing the headamp with ALL of the upgrade options offered to obtain the highest sonic potential Jack Woo believes his WES can attain. In the case of the WES, this would include  V-caps and tubes, or about $3,000.00 more than...
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    Logitech Z560 just lost all sound... what should I do??

    Quote:   From looking at pictures of your Logitech Z560 it looks like the connection between your control unit and the powered subwoofer is a multipin DIN plug. Easy to dislodge. So, I assume that is what you accidently pulled out. No burning smell suggest that the electronics may not...