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  1. SACD-Man

    Twag v2 Eclipse - show of BULK SALE interests thread

    Hey everyone,   This thread is to see how much interests there is if I were to offer TWag v2 Eclipse in bulk sales. I have received so many emails asking if this wire can be purchased for DIY projects that I thought I would see if there was enough interests.   I need to figure out the...
  2. SACD-Man

    Lee Weiland; the passing of my friend 1966 - 2011

    I have the heavy heart to say that Lee Weiland, the owner of CryoParts and Locus Design, passed away Friday August 19th. He was only 46. He left behind his ailing wife and his devoted children.   The audio community lost an irreplaceable innovator. A true pioneer. Someone that over his 25...
  3. SACD-Man

    ALL NEW...TWcu 26 OM IEM replacement cable!!!

    Well over a year and a half in the making. With the increase demand on IEM replacement cables, I have created a new product made with UP-OCC 26awg cryo'd stranded copper that will satisfy copper listeners AND provide a well value product and not sacrifice performance!!   Introducing my new...
  4. SACD-Man

    Whiplash Audio IEM Lineup!!! New items and special announcements.

    I am making an announcement on a few new IEM cables that is about to be released, and plus an update to current products and statuses on prototype products that are about to be released as well. Some of my items need to be added to my website. I'm waiting on a few things before I update my site...
  5. SACD-Man

    All new Black Cotton TWcu IEM Cable

    The newly redesigned Black Cotton TWcu IEM cable!!   I have spent lots of time make this cable. The issue is that the cable is not as flexible as TWag v2. So I was worried about how this would wrap around your ears. After some changes, I think I have found the solution!!   Its out of...
  6. SACD-Man

    **NEW** A new level of performance; Reference Series TWag v2 headphone cable.

    After many years of development, I have created a new reference headphone cable. I worked with engineers from my different manufacures in designing my own custom made parts, couple that with the incredible sounding TWag v2, add about 1500 hrs of burned in wire, thrown in a kitchen sink (why not...
  7. SACD-Man

    All NEW Prototype TWspc and TWcu OM IEM replacement Cable

    Ok, this is a trial run, THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PRODUCT. The purpose of this is to offer listeners a chance to hear what could be a possible candidate for an over mold IEM replacement cable.  The strain relief will not be part of the final design. I'm mostly looking for the sound quality when...
  8. SACD-Man

    INTRODUCING......TWag v2!!!

      I'm very very proud to introduce the impossible; a better TWag? YES! TWag v2 is NOW available.   No pre-orders, no waiting (except OM cables)...It's HERE!~!   Quick summary on the changes.   ~ Improved soundstage ~ Improved transparency ~ Even better bass response ~ Liquid...
  9. SACD-Man

    Current WhipMODs status.

    Due to Innovative Audio Design lack of maintaining commitments, bad business practices and many other issues, I have ended all business association with them and have filed the appropriate actions to regain what is rightly mind.   This product will continue since we have started to build...
  10. SACD-Man

    My Apologies. Please read.

    Hello everyone,   I must apologize for our current lack of response, shipping late and overall customer service that you are custom too.   My reasons may be many, but I will spare your the list.   I will however do my best to correct this.    Please, when emailing...
  11. SACD-Man

    Black Friday - Cyber Monday SALES EVENT!!!! Nov. 26th - 29th

    Stay tuned for BIG savings on selected Sennheiser products, Whiplash Audio cables and much more!!   Details:   Thanks! Craig
  12. SACD-Man

    News and upcoming events!!

    Well the word on the street is that I have been sick and delays are related to that. Thats partially true however my new trusted employee Mike is doing an excellent job with keeping up!! So please don't hesitate to contact us for product questions and other related issues.   We have been...
  13. SACD-Man

    Website Issues - New products that are available that are not on my site.

    We are experiencing website issues currently. Please be patient since we are fixing the problems and working on adding all of the new products that we have to offer.   Many new products that are available but have not been added are:   HD800 TWag Replacement cable   HD650/HD600/HD580...
  14. SACD-Man

    Elite TWag iPod Stand

    This project has been in progress for over 2 years. After 8 failed attempts and $$$ of wood, the birth of the new Elite TWag iPod Stand!!!!     Details *The first Audiophile iPod stand that folds for easy travel.  *Wood options; Teak (the wood used in these photos), Bubinga, or Oak...
  15. SACD-Man

    All NEW WhipMOD and WhipLOD; the next audiophile iPod 5.5 generation Modification!!

    When the biggest selling portable digital player, meets the incredible sounding Wolfson DAC, SCSCag UPOCC silver wire, and a better way to "bypass" the low quality components in the standard iPod, then you have the new:       WhipMOD and the Elite Reference WhipLOD   Some quick...
  16. SACD-Man

    Elite TWag OM replacement cable with over molding Pre Order Info

    After working with an over molder for months, the over molded Elite TWag OM Replacement Cable is now being made!!   Payment details. Send payment to my paypal address at   I will be offering 2 lengths. 48" and 64".    48" price is $300 64"...
  17. SACD-Man

    New Prototypes: Audeze LCD-2 and a balanced cable for the new iBasso balanced amp

    Expect to see prototypes next week!!   Very nice stuff..... Craig
  18. SACD-Man

    Elite TWag Replacement cable SALE - July only.....

    To celebrate the summer month of July, the VERY popular Elite TWag replacement cable for JH Audio, Ultimate Ears and Westone, will be on sale for the entire month of July!! Normal price of $300, now $249!!! Also there are 2 more flavors..... TWspc (silver plated copper) TWcu (copper)...
  19. SACD-Man

    ANNOUCEMENT!! Please Read.......

    Fist off, sorry everyone for my being around. I have been working on many, and I mean many new projects. Also the new Headfi format has been interesting and I'm not fully up and running on the new platform. So I apologize for that. I will get to finishing all of the changes needed for me to get...
  20. SACD-Man

    Elite TWag replacement HE-5 cable; CANDY

    Elite TWag replacement HE-5 cable; CANDY Ok, Candy is an official Prototype name.....!!!!! Elite TWag HE-5 replacement cable... This cable is being introduced at the NYC meet Sat, March 13th and let me tell you..this could be the biggest improvement from stock cables I have ever heard...
  21. SACD-Man

    Blossom Balanced Headphone Amp!!

    Introducing the new Blossom balanced amp from Japan!! This is a gorgeous compact balanced headphone that delivers great sound from such a great size amp. If you are looking for performance, style and size, than this is a perfect solution!! Manufacture details: 2 x single ended normal...
  22. SACD-Man

    Protector Questions....

    Since there have been many questions regarding what Whiplash will be offering, here is some info. If you have any further questions, please post them here!! Re-termination services starting at $60 which includes shipping to CONUS. Minimal international fees for shipping overseas...
  23. SACD-Man

    Great news...Now accepting Credit Cards!!

    My site can now accept Credit Cards. Shop away!! Craig
  24. SACD-Man

    ROCCO - hisoundaudio new DAP

    This is introduction to an amazing player. I will have photos, pricing, pre-order info and impressions shortly. I just wanted to separate the Studio vs the ROCCO. hisoundaudio will be a household name. Craig
  25. SACD-Man

    STUDIO I Evaluation!!!

    Great news!! I will have the new Studio, tomorrow, 2/4/10!!!! I will begin to evaluate the new Studio I and provide my impressions Sooo, stay tuned!!! Craig