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  1. unclematerial

    Recommendations for a slightly bassier advance on Beyer Dynamic DT250?

    I have the 80 ohm DT250, which I enjoy when used with my laptop's EQ facilities. In windows Media player I have 31 and 62 Hz boosted to the 4 or 6 notch for any music but acoustic solo instrument-based material, and 1 Khz cut to -2, as to my ears 1 Khz sounds boosted with these headphones. I...
  2. unclematerial

    sennheiser hd202 - what are their, er, big brother?

    I'd dumped my hd202 'phones at my parents' place to use if over there thinking they were not up to much, but today have been stunned at the sound when used with my kobo arc tablet, just suddenly a natural sound whatever music i've played in the last hour, with the best volume of any headphones...
  3. unclematerial

    Headphones for - a-hem - mature acoustic/semi-acoustic music?

    I hope this is an okay question, being almost kind of personal but that would hopefully invoke some of the good people here's knowledge and experience. I could seek out places to listen and will, but some thoughts to chew on first would be good.   These are the headphones I've got and a...
  4. unclematerial

    LM4562NA op amp noise - is it me?

    I've only recently bought a CMoy amp to get a bit more volume out of a few things I have, but also with a view to making something similar. I ordered the amp with a second op amp to put in to try and educate my ears a bit, but then I also bought an LM4562NA on eBay from someone with 100% fb and...