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  1. lopsang

    Is Audiophile level sound an acquired taste?

    here's my 2 cents... ive been lurking/posting here for quite some time. My collection is a very modest one, consisting of an ancient cd player from the early 90s (its an aiwa, surprisingly it has an optical out, i forget the model #), a crappy computer with an onboard sound card, a rio karma...
  2. lopsang

    Sony Eggos: D22SL vs. D66SL

    Quote: Originally Posted by kramerica Who here has experience with eggos? Any real gripes? I'm putting up the 2 models (assuming these are the only 2 models, are there any others?) because I'd like to know if in your guys' opinion it's worth the extra $40-50 to upgrade from D22SL to...
  3. lopsang

    Do small foldable durable headphones exist?

    sportapros are damn durable, sounds good to my lowly un-audiophile ears, and people here seem to like koss (not as much as PP or ksc75 however). having said that, Im really tempted by these philips headphones actually, a lot of the...
  4. lopsang

    KSC75 Headband Mod - Which is Best???

    Quote: Originally Posted by dpippel Thanks for the heads-up on the wear factor! i put a bunch of nail polish on the ball. mine is pretty worn down, sigh i guess its time to buy another one... or 2
  5. lopsang

    Sandisk Sansa $159 bucks 4b FLASH

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cletus Bocephust Does anyone know if the Sansa has a line out so I can use my amp? Cletus dude, its a cheap flash player. no line out
  6. lopsang

    Sandisk Sansa $159 bucks 4b FLASH

    Quote: Originally Posted by blessingx lopsang, does the player have bookmark functionality by chance? i just checked, no it doesnt have bookmark functionality.
  7. lopsang

    help me mod my eggo d33

    I recently bought the sony eggo d33 from a head-fier, with the intention of using it as my "every-day beater phone". About the sound... I never heard the d22s but from what im reading im guessing they both sound very similar.... except the d33s come with a much nicer headband. So in spirit of...
  8. lopsang

    JVC HX55 or Panasonic HJE50 or Sony EX51/71 In-Ear Buds....

    I know the ksc75s get recommended alot, but they LEAK sound, which is not what the OP wants. I have no idea what the JVC HX55s look like, but i did order some JVC canalphones from amazon, it'll be here tuesday so i'll post some remarks ASAP. here's the product link, u can check it out...
  9. lopsang

    Need a recommendation for a mid-size MP3 player

    let me chime in here... how bout an archos xs202? If i were in the market for a mp3 player, i'd be all over that. from my understanding, it supports file tree browsing and ID3 tags, MSC (drag n drop), its friggin small, 20 gigs and it hovers around the $200 mark.
  10. lopsang

    My 1st Head-fi purchase, guess how much i spent!

    Quote: Originally Posted by kramer5150 Kudos to you!! If you dont like the UR29, just return them and stick with the eggos!! Garrett Thing is I really like the eggos, so i want to prolong its eventual demise. That why I bought the UR-29. If these things have a tad more...
  11. lopsang

    MP3 player or MiniDisc player?

    Quote: Originally Posted by fraseyboy But you wouldn't be able to fit many on the disc... I just found out that the Hi-MD one is $180! So i think il get the netMD for only $40 Can you transfer from PC to NetMD without having to do realtime? Like what happens with Hi-MD...
  12. lopsang

    MP3 player or MiniDisc player?

    I've been a longtime user of MDs, started with MZ-R50, owned a bunch of them along the way. Nowadays i have a MZ-N510 for snowboarding/working out. I prefer DAPs (currently Rio Karma and Carbon) for their storage capacity. On standard MDs, I can throw in 80mins x 2 = 160 minutes of music(LP2...
  13. lopsang

    am i making a big mistake? 20gb vs. 5gb player

    I second the carbon, I have one and its great 1) self-databasing, no software needed. Just drag n drop 2) browse through ur song by either ID3 tags OR folder browsing (very cool) 3) DRM compatible (yahoo, napster, etc) 4) standara mini-usb port, its not a proprietary cable 5)good battery...