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  1. AuralRelations

    Pangea Audio P-100 disappointment

    Last week I ordered a Pangea Audio P-100 to use with my Musical Fidelity V-LPS. I was very excited about this upgrade since Stereophile raved about how it was such a significant performance upgrade. I was using a Pyramid PS-3KX with the V-LPS for the past 6 months, which was already a great...
  2. AuralRelations

    Who wants an OPAMP foot rest?

    I would paint mine to be an OPA627. This is deliciously nerdy.  
  3. AuralRelations

    Deciding on cable for K702: Double Helix or Moon Audio?

    I've been looking at both cables and the both have a large following. The prices are pretty much the same with the exception that Double Helix 6ft costs the same as the 5ft Moon Audio Black Dragon. I emailed Drew and asked if the Blue or Black Dragon would be better and he recommended the Black...
  4. AuralRelations

    Review: Null Audio Studio Lune Cable

    Hello fellow Head-fiers! This is a review I just posted up on my blog and I thought I would share it on the forum too. Let me know what you think.    Buying Experience:   After perusing Head-fi for months, I finally decided to order from Null Audio Studios even though there wasn't too...
  5. AuralRelations

    Upgrading tubes on Little Country III?

    Hello Headfiers. I recently received a Little Country III as a hand-me-down from my uncle. I was wondering what tubes I should swap out the stock ones from. I compared this amp to my uncle's WooAudio 3 and the WooAudio blows it out of the water (for the same price too, mind you.) At this point...