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  1. f00fighters

    Custom IEM Artwork (show yours or use provided template to make your own)

    I could use some inspiration, and I would like to see some other people's artwork. Please up load your photographs of your custom IEM artwork or upload images of how you'd want your custom IEM to look. I manipulated some images from UE's website, and created a photoshop template, so you guys...
  2. f00fighters

    Please compare SuperFi 5vi / TripleFi 10

    After all these years, I found my IEM signature. It is hands down, Ultimate Ears. I picked up the SuperFi 5vi for my iPhone today, and I have never been so pleased with an IEM. I don't listen to classical, but I heard it on these, and I was in awe of how beautiful it was. Almost everything...
  3. f00fighters

    Apogee Duet dac with portable amp Recommendations

    I am looking for a portable amp to go with my apogee duet that will be arriving this Thursday. Can anyone give me a good recommendation as to what portable amp will greatly benefit from the duet as a dac, as well as an iPhone 3GS as a source. From the duet the portable amp needs to suit my...
  4. f00fighters

    Apogee Duet Grado 325is Shure SRH840 Impressions

    Being frustrated with amp-hunting, I put some lossless tracks on my thumb drive and I took a trip to my local Guitar Center today to sample the Apogee Duet. I brought my Grado SR325is, Shure SRH840, and the Grado RA1 amp. LOSSLESS MUSIC SAMPLED: Aimee Mann - You Could Make a Killing...
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    -WRONG FORUM- Please delete this thread

    sorry -wrong forum-
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    Frustrated and Desperate: An Amp/Dac for the Grado 325is / 325i up to $400

    UPDATE: Preferably, I'm looking for an amp/dac combo; dac=optical/coax Throughout the months I have been trying out different amps in an effort to find the perfect suitor for my Grado 325is. Since then, I have been able to better describe each time, what sound I am looking for. The 325is...
  7. f00fighters

    Patron of an RA1 Clone

    I'm not sure if this is the right place. Maybe I should post this in the "for sale" forum as a WTB. I would like to pay someone to make me an RA1 clone. I know it costs about $20 to $30 in parts, and plus your labor fee. If anyone is interested in this proposition, please PM me. I have an actual...
  8. f00fighters

    Please Compare iBasso D10 to Grado RA1 I don't know what to do!

    I'm in a bit of a jam. I have the opportunity to return my D10 for a full refund as long as I ship it out by end of tomorrow, Monday 8/24/09. I have not been as satisfied as I thought I was with the D10 to suit my Grado 325is's. I have been trying various opamp configurations with the included...
  9. f00fighters

    Update: No longer Frustrated with the iBasso D10

    I received the iBasso D10 for use with my Grado 325is. It ehanced the bass issue and expanded the sound stage, but I felt it it also took away the treblely highs that I like. I didn't want it to smooth out the highs I guess. I like the upfront scratchy crispness to an acoustic guitar that I was...
  10. f00fighters

    Which Interconnect Cable to get?

    I'm trying to save money, on a high quality interconnect cable. This is my plan so far, and I wanted others opinions/suggestions. I was going to buy the iBasso iPhone Head adapter only it's right here to make one of the cables below into an LOD cable. $15 then i was going to buy one of...
  11. f00fighters

    Budgeting for a Tube Amp for Grado 325is

    I know ZERO about Tube Amps. All I keep hearing on this forum is about how much they improve the sound of your headphones. Am I to understand, that for a Tube Amp to work, I also need a "DAC" (Digital Analog Converter)? Is that DAC really necessary? I have to slowly budget for a Tube Amp, and...
  12. f00fighters

    Help Finding the Sweet Spot: Amp/iPod Volume Settings

    I want to know if there's a standard volume setting of an Amp, and an iPod/iPhone when using them together. As of right now, I've been putting the volume all the way up on the iPhone 3G, and adjusting my amp volume accordingly. Is this correct? I want that sweet spot where the sound is simply...
  13. f00fighters

    All Flac Uncompressed Music Store

    I stumbled on this website a several months back. It's not the huge selection of iTunes, but they have quite a bit, from actual mainstream artists. I have purchased several albums through them, and the prices are insanely cheap, but you can only buy entire albums, you cannot buy individual...
  14. f00fighters

    What OS do you run: XP, Vista, Linux, Mac?

    Dual boot in boot camp and fusion using Primary: Mac OS X Secondary: Vista Home 64-bit
  15. f00fighters

    k701, SR 325i, D2000, My Head is going to Explode: Can't Decide

    I have no opportunities to test out any of these headphones because there is no retailers that carry anything of this caliber in my area. I have nothing but the reviews on this website and a few others from google. I currently own the Shure SE530 paired with C&C XO amp, and an iPhone 3G w/...
  16. f00fighters

    Denon AH-D2000 vs. Ultrasone HFI 780

    I would appreciate as much help as I can get. I've gathered information about these two separately, but I haven't seen anyone do a side by side comparison of the two. I previously owned the Ultrasone HFI 700, which was good, but I sold them and I am searching for something a little better. I...