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  1. sirmasterboy

    WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

      I don't know if that really describes my problem though.  The LED definitely still works.  It always work for about 10 minutes then goes out for about an hour and then comes back on and stays on.  Every single time I go to use the WA7 this happens exactly like this.   I really do wonder...
  2. sirmasterboy

    WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

      I didn't either, until it went out...  Obviously it's good aesthetic design if people can't really tell.
  3. sirmasterboy

    WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

    Well, If I wasn't a Woo Audio customer for life before I am now!   Mike Liang of Woo just informed me that they will be repairing my LED free of charge despite that my warranty is just over 2 months past.  He said they want my WA7 to look gorgeous when in use.   Now I will order some EH...
  4. sirmasterboy

    Phonak Audeo (PFE) Thread

    Got some good news for PFE owners.   So I just ran into the problem of my grey filters becoming "worn out" or whatever seems to happen to them after awhile.  Basically where they seem to become muffled and huge channel imbalance.   This was my second and final pair of grey filters and...
  5. sirmasterboy

    Sennheiser Orpheus has blown my mind!

    I was also so lucky to be able to attend CES as well.  I was really excited to get a chance to hear the HD800s as I have not had the opportunity yet.  I went into the middle room and started with the HD700s and then finally the 800s.  I was actually about to leave when I turned around and my jaw...
  6. sirmasterboy

    USB to Digital Coax 24Bit?

    After some more playing around I found my solution and I'm closing this thread. It turns out I can hook my Laptop to my TV via HDMI and hook my TV to my Receiver via Toslink and enable SPDIF pass-through on my Laptop and the bit stream AC3 or DTS passes right through my TV to my Receiver...
  7. sirmasterboy

    Cannot bypass KMixer?

    I'll give it a try on my XP machine tonight to see if it works there.
  8. sirmasterboy

    DAC for Little Dot MKV -> HD600

    I'm using my computer/laptop as a source for my sound and I assume I need a decent DAC to get my FLAC into a Little Dot MKV. What would be the cheapest DAC that will balance quality with a Little Dot MKV and HD600 cans? I would prefer a USB DAC or else I can't use my laptop and cheaper...
  9. sirmasterboy

    Practical Devices XM5 vs. iBasso D2 Boa

    Practical Devices XM5 vs. iBasso D2 Boa Which of these 2 DAC/Amps do you think would give the best sound for me to use from my laptop USB out to HD600 cans? I'm leaning toward the iBasso because it has a lot more reviews and I heard the DAC in the XM5 isn't that great. Also don't take...
  10. sirmasterboy

    Octavart DAC/Amp + HD600 OR ATH-AD900 + iBasso D2 Boa

    I should point out I'm not looking for a match made in heaven at this point. I just want something that will not "waste" the price and power of the HD600s but I do plan to get a high quality dedicated amp a year or 2 down the road. I would maybe consider a Little Dot MK V if it is...
  11. sirmasterboy

    Octavart DAC/Amp + HD600 OR ATH-AD900 + iBasso D2 Boa

    My main question is would the HD600 sound worse than the ATH-AD900 when driven by a lesser Amp like the Octavart simply because it has a higher impedance and is harder to drive? Because I would like to stick with the HD600 and drive it with a lesser Amp for my first setup but want the...
  12. sirmasterboy

    Best DAC/Amp for HD600 for $200?

    The only problem is that I don't really have the ability to build my own M3 Amp. Also, the Gilmore lite is $400 for the base unit and I still have no DAC. Is there no decent home full-size DAC/Amp combo for $300 max?
  13. sirmasterboy

    Best DAC/Amp for HD600 for $200?

    I don't know If I prefer tubes or SS but I know that I would much rather get a SS DAC/Amp for my first setup. So far all I have seen that is a good DAC/Amp in my price range is the iBasso D2 Boa and the Meier CORDA 2MOVE. Since I don't need the portability though it would be useful I'm sure...
  14. sirmasterboy

    Recomendations For My 1st Audiophile Cans

    Thanks for all the input guys, I have decided to go with the HD600 and plan on getting an iBasso D2 Boa amp for them for my first setup. I think it will be a huge step forward but I am excited about it and ready for it.
  15. sirmasterboy

    Using an older 5.1 Reciever Amp for HD600?

    (Sorry for the double post bit I realized more people read this forum than the headphone amp one and it doesn't really fit there anyways.) I'm relatively new to the audiophile scene and after looking around for what I want and what I can afford, I have decided to go with a pair of HD600s...
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