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  1. abartels

    Powerfilter with 11 sockets: Powergrip YG-1 ( superlative to Belkin PF50 filter ) - user reviews - thoughts - alternatives

    Hello All.   I am the proud owner of a Belkin PureAV PF50 netfilter. I use this at my home to feed my audio gear, and my 53" TV. Sadly Belkin seized manufacturing this marvelous device, I got one of the last available versions from UK, a Silver version. Since I live in The Netherlands I had...
  2. abartels

    DDC - Digital USB interfaces - Xmos or Amanero Combo384 based - Raspberry Pi - HifiBerry DAC+ Pro - reviews, comparison, modifications and USB-Audio in general

    Hi all,   Started this thread since nowadays most people use USB as their preferred connection method. There are several options like XMOS and Amanero Combo384, and there are lots of DDC's available worldwide.   For the ones who are new to this subject, feel free to read the other related...
  3. abartels

    Melodious MX-U8 USB Interface 8 Core XMOS chip

    Hi all,   I think this great USB interface deserves a seperate thread.     Just post all your questions, experiences, comparissons, modifications and tips & tricks  We had a long way to go, started at Gustard U12 USB Interface 8 Core XMOS chip thread were you can read the beginnings...