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  1. Alpina

    UE 200vi does not sound correctly with cowon i9

    Hi guys :) I just received my new Ultimate Ears 200vi headphones, which have 3 button remote controller. Now it works well on my laptop, and on my HTC phone, but on my Cowon i9 you can barely hear voices and music is very low quality. If I press and hold middle button (pause/play) on remote...
  2. Alpina

    Question about frequencies and Cowon JetAudio

    Hello, first of all I am big newbie when it comes to sound. I have Cowon i9 player and GR07 mk2 IEMs which sound very good.   Now I got two questions:   1. Does increasing frequency in player equalizer equals to lower sound quality or not? 2. Cowon Jetaudio got BBE and other sound...
  3. Alpina

    Different sized flac tracks

    Hey guys, I got some music of flac lossless format and noticed strange thing. Why sometimes .flac takes very large amount of space and sometimes not, for example:   Stairway to heaven: 157Mb vs 34Mb, both lossless .flac format but very huge difference in size. GnR - Estranged: 185Mb vs 58Mb...
  4. Alpina

    Cowon i9 freezes on large .flac files and does not play .wav

    Hello people.   I didn't find Cowon i9 thread so will make new one to ask.   I have a little problem that some huge .flac files do not play in i9. Player immediately freezes after I try to play them. Files are 100-200Mb of size (GnR album).   Now what's interesting that after I convert...
  5. Alpina

    Best IEMs in under $200

    Hey guys, you prolly saw hundreds of similar questions, so thx in advance :D   So currently i got Klipsch S3 headphones with Cowon i9 player and i am looking for an headphone upgrade in under ~200$.   Now i checked the comparisons and came to Hifiman Re-262. Is it worth upgrade over my...