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  1. PDT1137

    **SOLD** Massdrop x Cavalli Liquid Carbon X Amp

    Massdrop x Cavalli Liquid Carbon X Amp for sale I'm the original owner, purchased Feb 2019 Only about 12 hours on it. Modifications: - Replaced all balanced connectors with Neutrik - Replaced stock pot with Bourns pot - very smooth, no scratching issues like original pot had - Replaced all...
  2. PDT1137

    Null Audio Symphonym Balanced for MrSpeakers Ether / Aeon

    8 conductor Null Audio Symphonym balanced cable for MrSpeakers Ether / Aeon headphones $230 shipped Ships free UPS CONUS Will consider shipping outside CONUS, but will charge Thanks for looking!
  3. PDT1137

    SOLD SOLD *BNIB* - Schiit Mani

    New B-Stock Mani from Schiit Audio. I had a table, but just recently sold it and no longer need the Mani. Asking $85 shipped, UPS Ground in original / factory packaging CONUS preferred Will post some images later tonight. Thanks!
  4. PDT1137

    ***SOLD*** - Massdrop HD6XX + Dekoni Earpads

    HD6XX with Dekoni fenestrated leather pads, less than 100 hours $200 O.B.O. - shipped UPS Ground, CONUS preferred Original box and documentation included PM any questions Thanks!
  5. PDT1137

    FS: B&W P7 Modded

    Selling a pair of B&W P7 - just not getting much head time. Modification - hardwired balance connection using Canare L-4E6S Star-Quad cable (grey) and a Neutrik NC4MXX-BAG 4-pin male XLR (black). cable length is roughly 6 ft. Ships in carrying case. $225 (O.B.O). I'll cover shipping (UPS ground...
  6. PDT1137

    [SOLD] FS: ***2nd PRICE DROP*** HiBy R6 with Extras

    Hello! Selling my black aluminum HiBy R6. Purchased this year in September. Great player, just not using it like I thought I would - less than 24 hours on it. It's in excellent shape - always kept in a soft interior case and put the glass protectors on it as soon as I got it. Comes with...
  7. PDT1137

    FS: PRICE DROP - B & W P7 Headphones - Wired

    Hello! Selling my B & W P7 - they are just collecting dust. They are in excellent cosmetic shape - hardly any use. Comes with 2 cables and the carry case / pouch. Asking price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Will post pictures later today. Thanks!
  8. PDT1137

    ***SOLD*** FS: OPPO HA-2 SE

    Hi All! Unloading my Oppo HA-2 SE portable amp/dac unit - I just don't need it anymore. Original owner, purchased 12/2016 from It's in excellent working and cosmetic condition. Unit will ship with original packaging and cables. Price includes UPS shipping to CONUS and Pp fees...
  9. PDT1137

    ***SOLD*** Audeze LCD-X (Fazor) w/ CF Headband

    Hello everyone! I'm selling my Audeze LCD-X headphones with the carbon fiber headband. I'm the first owner, purchased directly from Audeze in July 2016. Selling because I don't spend much time listening to them. They are in excellent condition. Asking 1000$ which includes shipping (UPS), buyer...
  10. PDT1137

    ***SOLD!!*** FS: Schiit Bifrost w/ USB & Multibit

    Selling Schiit Bifrost, original owner. Selling to make space on my desk. Just recently returned from Schiit to get the USB and Multibit upgrades. It sounds fantastic! No cosmetic issues, no playback issues. Asking price includes shipping in Schiit factory packaging. Shipping to CONUS please...
  11. PDT1137

    ***SOLD*** FS: Sennheiser HD 650

    Hello!   I'm selling my Sennheiser HD650 600ohm headphones. I'm the second, purchased in 2012 from a fellow Head-Fi'er. Kept at home, on my desk on a stand. They are in great condition, original earpads and headband (some wear showing). No paint chips or cracks on headband. Just looking to...
  12. PDT1137

    ***SOLD*** Beyerdynamic DT880 250 ohm + Carry Case

    Hello!   I'm selling my Beyer DT880 250ohm headphones. I'm the first and only owner, purchased in 2012. They were mostly used on cube farm, if ever (they just sit in the case) and they only ever travel in the case (to cube farm and back to house a few times). Good condition, original earpads...
  13. PDT1137

    SOLD!!! FS: AKG k702 Headphones w/ Milian Acs Cable

    I have a set of AKG k702 headphones with a 10-12' Milian Acoustics OFC cable (1/4" termination) for sale. I have the original box and stock cable. I will also throw in a Headroom carry bag. I'm looking for 160$ ish (o.b.o.)...   PM if interested... I plan on uploading some photos tomorrow or...