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  1. superliu

    WTB Matrix x-sabre pro (w/ or w/o mqa)

    Let me know and price is definitely negotiable. Best,
  2. superliu


    looking for Yulong da10 ship to US. Let me know
  3. superliu

    [Trade] T1 1gen for your T5p

    Looking for trading my good/excellent condition T1 1gen for a good/excellent condition T5p. Open to negotiate price difference if applicable (mint t5p, 2 gen, etc). Best,
  4. superliu

    Forsale: Colorfly C4 32G

    For sale is a lightly used colorfly C4 32G, which still has the screen protector on, however with some scratch on the protector itself. $200 shipped CONUS
  5. superliu

    BRAND NEW, UNOPENED, Beyerdynamic T1

    Hi all,   I just bought a pair of T1 with a steal price online three days ago but now I cannot justify myself keeping it. So I'm selling it for now. Picture upon request.   I only accept paypal with more than 5 feedbacks. Price including paypal and shipping to CONUS50.   Thanks!!
  6. superliu

    Wireworld silver starlight 1.5m usb a-b price reduced!!

    Selling a starlight 1.5m which i just got 1 day ago from wireworld. The cable is perfect except that it does not has good synergy with my system.... Update:I lost the paper work but i will show you emails from the seller. The cable was shipped directly from the factory. Feel free to ask...
  7. superliu

    Wire world USB A-B 1m starlight / platinum

    Hi all,   I'm looking for a Wire world USB A-B 1m starlight / platinum is great condition, please shoot me a pm if you have one or something similar.   Thanks,   Robin
  8. superliu

    PS audio duet power conditioner

    Please shoot me pm if you have one to sale. Thanks
  9. superliu

    IC: a yulong a18 / violectric V200 in mint condition wanted

    Hi,   I decided to move up and ...I'm just wondering if anyone has a mint a18 or V200.   Feel free to sent me PM.
  10. superliu

    yulong a100 vs corda jazz

    I'm having a tough time choosing between these two.. both with similar price and based on project86's review on yulong a100, similar sound characteristic.. Anyone who ever audited both?   I really appreciate if someone who heard both can give some comments,   Cheers,   Robin
  11. superliu

    Corda Jazz in mint/ better condition wanted

    as written in the topic..  Just wondering if anyone has a mint condition corda jazz for sale..   Feel free to pm me .   Cheers,   Robin
  12. superliu

    IC: Yulong D100 ingreat condition /Yulong D18 wanted

    I'm thinking about selling my D100 which is in 8.5-9/10 cosmetic condition and almost perfect working condition except when you turn the volume nob while using its own amp, a tiny "electrostatic" sound may appear to your ear. No problem at all when using it as a dedicated dac or not turning the...
  13. superliu

    IC: Beyerdynamic T1 in mint/like brand new condition

    Hi everyone,   I'm looking for a mint/like brand new condition T1. Price is negotiable.Please shoot me with pm if you have one for sale,thanks!   Robin
  14. superliu

    *Seeking for HD600 Original Box*

    I m looking for a new sennheiser HD600 original box. The box has to be in mint condition ( or no sign of use).
  15. superliu

    HD600 + cardas cable

    Hey everyone,   I want to get a pair of very good (fully functional, only minor scraches), or mint condition HD600 with cardas cable in good condition. Please PM or email your offer! I'm sure that we can settle down a reasonable price.   Serious seller only!   Thank you   Robin