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  1. inburrito

    First Watt F1J Amplifier

    I just thought I'd mention that while I haven't heard the F1J, I have an F2J and it is completely incredible.  Made me forget about my SET amps.  I am pretty sure I also prefer it to the FW SIT amps, which I've also owned (had different speakers then tho).  These amps are real sleepers.
  2. inburrito

    Help with Stax issue!

    I've got a new pair of 307s and a just-bought SRM-T1W driver.  Music comes through heavily distorted, with a strange, warbling tone fading in & out.   My problem is trying to determine if this is the earspeakers or the driver.  I suspect the driver, both because the phones are brand-new and...
  3. inburrito

    Audio-Technica ATH-W1000X

    It seems there is no way to edit the listing price.
  4. inburrito

    Teac UD-501

    I'll pay $600 shipped in the CONUS for a Teac UD-501 DAC/headphone amp.
  5. inburrito

    Stax SRM-T1 driver with SR-407 cans

    Selling my awesome Stax setup.  See ad here:   Will consider trade for Burson 160D + cash also.   I just do not listen enough to justify this setup.  
  6. inburrito

    WTB: Stax SR-407

    Will pay $400 for a set of 407s in good condition.  Have no need for an amp.
  7. inburrito

    Size of Stax Lambda Pro vs. newer models

    Thanks.  They're really not any thinner, eh?  That is surprising.   The Lambdas sound great but I would say the balance is a bit on the light side (esp. in comparison to the restored Quad 57s I use at home).  So, if the newer ones are a bit weightier I'd say that's a plus.    
  8. inburrito

    Size of Stax Lambda Pro vs. newer models

    I am the new owner of a Stax SRM-T1 and Lambda Pro earspeakers.  The sound of this 20 year-old system is quite exemplary.  I have only one issue: the headphones are extremely large, especially from the front.  I normally wouldn't care, but I work on a trading floor and these things produce...
  9. inburrito

    Chazz OTL headphone amp & Stax

    Does anyone know if it's possible for a DIY Hi Fi Chazz 2 OTL headphone amp to drive Stax electrostatic headphones, with a suitable adapter?
  10. inburrito

    Superb SS DAC/Headphone Amp Combo?

    I've been looking for a Burson unit (used) for awhile now with no dice.  It sounds to me like I would like prefer the Burson to the others.  (Of course, no way to hear any of them.)            
  11. inburrito

    Superb SS DAC/Headphone Amp Combo?

    My current setup is AT 900LTD cans, MHDT USB DAC, DiyHiFi Chazz Mk II OTL headphone amp.   I pretty much listen ONLY to 50s 60s jazz.  What's most important to me is proper timbre, fleshed-out tone & body, then dynamics, then nuance & detail.   I am interested in replacing the MHDT...
  12. inburrito

    The $700-$1000 range

    Well, I bought a pair of AKG 701s.  $238 shipped to me, NIB.   Will put them against the 900 Ltds.   Since I listen mostly to jazz they sound like great cans.   It seems from this level the step to the next level - $1000+ - is pretty big.  Beyer T1s and Senn 800s are the big players...
  13. inburrito

    The $700-$1000 range

    Thought I would start a new thread since it turns out what I am looking for is not really "cost no object".   My ceiling is $1000. My music is 50s-60s jazz (mostly) and some rock - jazz is the priority! I now own AT 900 Ltds and like them very much but after five years would just like...
  14. inburrito

    Cost-no-object cans

    What are the top of the heap, other than Stax? And how much $ are we talking - the $1000 range.   I have a $30K main system and am looking at the prospect of having to do a lot more listening with headphones - which right now I use only at the office. I listen to AT 900 Ltds there. Just...
  15. inburrito

    Cayin iDac-1

    Nobody? Anybody have one that can comment on the sound? Mine will go up against my MHDT Constantine/Bottlehead SEX combo. My cans are Audio Technica 900 Ltds.
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