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    Phiaton MS-400

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    Ultimate Ears 600 impressions thread

    Agreed, they are one of the best IMO for that price range. Also one of the most comfortable IEMs i've ever owned, which is hard because I have a very small ear and find it difficult to find universals that fit properly. I loved them and was sad to see them go. Will definitely be saving up for...
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    Suggestions for IEMs for listening to acoustic music

    Hey guys,   I'm in the market for some earphones that are good for listening to mostly acoustic music. I'd like to hear the bright acoustic sound of guitars and be able to hear the detail of the strings and instruments. Any recommendations would be appreciated! (throw anything at me, no...
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    Explain your avatar

    my new JH5s :D
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    What made your day awesome?

    Putting my feet up after a long day's work to relax and knowing that I don't have to get up for an early morning shift today. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
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    happy holidays! 
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    2011-2012 NBA Season....Finally!!!

    RAPTORS ALL THE WAAAAAAY !        ..... but in all seriousness, i'm just happy for the season to start! Really excited to finally be able to go catch some games 
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    1964 Q vs. JH5 - help me decide on my first pair of customs!

    I've heard about the drm ears, but I really wanted to have my own custom artwork on it, which is why i've been leaning towards these two for the most part. 
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    1964 Ears

    Can anyone give me a comparison of the T's and Q's to a universal IEM? I've been reading reviews of both of them and found out that the T's are more neutral and the Q's are more bass heavy. I haven't listened to alot of IEMs that are neutral, so i'm not sure how much I will like the sound. I...
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    $70~$80 Earphones for Pop and Classical music

    Doesn't seem to be a lot of suggestions so far, so i'm willing to spend a little more. Any more thoughts? 
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    $70~$80 Earphones for Pop and Classical music

    Quote:   I have the a-jays four, westone 1 and UE600. With all of them, I use comply as they are the best fit for me. I use an iTouch. I really don't like tri or bi-flange tips because my ears are quite small and they're a terrible fit for me.     
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    Creative Labs Aurvana 3 Dual Driver IEM Giveaways & Discounts - A new favorite of ours!

    I had the Creative Zen! Served me well for a good couple years :) Still have it around just in case!
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    Suggestions for "fun" IEMs?

    Quote:   By "fun" i mean IEMs with more of a v-shaped FR and not too flat  
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    Suggestions for "fun" IEMs?

    Hi all,   I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions or recommendations on some "fun" high-end IEMs.   (I've been reading about the FX700s and Westone 3s - has anyone heard both of these and can give me a brief comparison on them?)   Any help is appreciated!
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    a jays four.jpg