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  1. tdogzthmn

    Best looking tube amp

    Recently came across this beauty will looking at new speaker amps. Line Magnetic LM126
  2. tdogzthmn

    IC Blumenstein Audio Tritons

    I have a pair of Blumenstein Audio Triton speakers in Caramel Bamboo.  Purchased new from Blumenstein and have owned them for several months.  Speakers sound great with both low power SET amps and Solid State.  The driver have been slightly modified by removing the dust cap which cleans up the...
  3. tdogzthmn

    New AKG K92, K72 and K52 Closed-Back Headphones

    Got another few days of listening in with the K52 and still really happy with the sound.  They are sounding more relaxed and less metallic in the treble.  The midbass is nice and punchy when called for and the overall sound is clean and even.   Some of the shortfalls I notice are the cheap pad...
  4. tdogzthmn

    New AKG K92, K72 and K52 Closed-Back Headphones

    Got my K52's in yesterday and started using them this morning.   Initially I did a quick comparison with my K400 and K240DF just to get a starting reference point.  Currently the K52 have a more metallic and peaky treble but I'm hoping this will soften with more use but overall a promising...
  5. tdogzthmn

    New AKG K92, K72 and K52 Closed-Back Headphones

    Ended up ordering a pair of the K52 since they were so inexpensive.  I think they will look nice compared to my K240DF and K400 headphones which have been favorites of mine.  Previously I had the K550 but was never very fond of its sound signature.  Hopefully the K52 will work better for me...
  6. tdogzthmn

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    I'll look again at the ER4SR.   I plan to use the earphones directly from my laptop or phone so the lower impedance of the new models will be a benefit!
  7. tdogzthmn

    New AKG K92, K72 and K52 Closed-Back Headphones

    I'm also looking at the K52 for a headphone to use straight out the phono jack on my MacBook Pro.  Right now I'm getting by with my 600ohm K240DF which has a great natural sound but clearly the laptop struggles to power this headphone.   Additionally, I am looking at the ATH-M50x which is more...
  8. tdogzthmn

    Fostex TH500RP vs. Audeze EL-8 which to get?

    I've been looking for comparisons between these two headphones but haven't found any yet.   I'd like to ask if anyone has owned both and how their sound compares or differs.  I know the Fostex can now be had for less which is making it more attractive but I'm interested in the lighting...
  9. tdogzthmn

    Beyerdynamic DT100 any good?

    I'm looking for some nice closed back headphones and came across the Beyer DT100 which looks very well built and has been around for a long time. I'd like to hear from anyone who's owned this headphone and how they like it. My current reference headphones are the AKG K240DF which I prefer for...
  10. tdogzthmn

    AKG K240DF quick first impressions... Now with pics!

    Anyone on Headfi still enjoying their 240DFs?
  11. tdogzthmn

    Elekit TU-8200 DX Headphone/Speaker Amp Review

    Anyone have experience with this amp driving 600 headphones? I have an AKG K240DF and K400 (120ohm). Both are great headphones and I would hope the 8200 would serve them well.
  12. tdogzthmn

    My Impressions of the Meridian Audio Director (Direct DAC)

    I picked up a Director recently from amazon and have to say it works flawlessly for my needs!  I use the the USB input direct from my NAS and the Optical input is connected to my TV for the apple TV.  The sound is fantastic with my high resolution files and the upsampling filter makes the musics...
  13. tdogzthmn

    The AKG Infomation Thread

    Any other shining jewels lurking in the past headphones from AKG?  I'm still loving my K400 and K240DF but curious about other models.
  14. tdogzthmn

    Elekit TU-8200 DX Headphone/Speaker Amp Review

    I've been looking to get the TU8200DX to replace my Bottlehead Stereomour 2a3. I find that my speakers want more power than the 3.5 watts I get from the Stereomour. I'm also drawn to the flexibility of tube rolling and built in headphone amp with the Elekit.
  15. tdogzthmn

    Meridian Director DAC: Anyone here own one?

    I have a USB battery pack that I can try as a power source but I will likely just use the wall power source that was provided. I'd soon but a different DAC altogether than spend a significant amount on a power supply upgrade for the Director.
  16. tdogzthmn

    Meridian Director DAC: Anyone here own one?

    Got my Director in yesterday and have it hooked up to the optical output of my TV streaming from my The Apple TV. Initial impressions are that the Medidiean does provide a step up from the DAC used in my NAD D3020 but it is a more subtle improvement that I had thought. With speakers there was...
  17. tdogzthmn

    Anyone using Arcam irDAC & what do you think of it?

    The DAC will be connected to the optical out of the TV but the source will be an Apple TV4 which only has HDMI. I need something compact and discrete which is another reason the Director gets a nod. Schiit does make nice products I've just not been compelled to buy one yet but I'm willing to...
  18. tdogzthmn

    Any HD800 owners go back to AKG K701/2?

    I found my AKG K240DF to be nearly the same signature as the HD800. It was surprising how close the two sounded when I compared them. Needless to say I still own and enjoy my K240DF!
  19. tdogzthmn

    Anyone using Arcam irDAC & what do you think of it?

    I'm looking for a new DAC to connect to the optical out on my TV. Right now the Meridian Direct or the Arcam irDAC are my two top choices. The Meridian can be had for less but offeres fewer features. I mostly will use the optical input on the dac and don't need it to do much else. Do the two...
  20. tdogzthmn

    Best looking tube amp

    It's wild that this thread is still active from when I first started it over seven years ago... Share on!
  21. tdogzthmn

    Blumenstein Orca 5.1 full range speaker system.

    I have a 5.1 speaker system from Blumenstein Audio. These are Caramel Bamboo Orca classics and the BUF 6.5" Sub. Speakers are all in excellent condition and well cared for. System includes a dedicated 250watt amp for the Sub. I am oy interested in selling the complete system. Please let me...
  22. tdogzthmn

    The Stax SR-507 Thread

    I've heard the STAX 009 at several head-fi meets and while it's certainly very impressive overall I find to be only marginally better than the SR-507.  As a matter of sonic preference I would prefer to own the 507 as it seems to sound better with a wider array of music.  The HD800 was another...
  23. tdogzthmn

    The Stax SR-507 Thread

    I use the SRM-600 Limited with my 507 and have always been impressed by the bass quality and quantity.  I've also been very impressed with my SRD-7SB box pair with various speaker amp that I own.  I certainly won't be letting go of my 507 for some time and think it's price to performance is one...
  24. tdogzthmn

    Akg K400

    I have the K702 Anniversary pads on my K400 EP and really enjoy the sound.  They add more body/bass to the sound and improve comfort of this already comfy headphone.  I still have yet to own a K501 which would be nice to compare against my K400.
  25. tdogzthmn

    The Stax SR-507 Thread

    I feel like the SR-507 is often overlooked.  The Stax thread seems to be mostly people discussing amps for their SR-007 or SR-009.  I really can't image the SR-009 has enough of a performance bump to justify its price which is why I am so happy with the 507.