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  1. Superdrag81

    SOLD: Chord Hugo Silver

    Selling my Chord Hugo in Silver. I've decided to go all in and start saving up for a Hugo 2 TT, so i'm selling this to help fund. It is in excellent used condition - I paired it with both my HD800 & TH900 and it sounds amazing...but you probably already know that :). The box was damaged when...
  2. Superdrag81

    CLOSED: Chord Hugo

    Looking to buy a Chord Hugo - willing to pay up to $750 depending on condition and what original contents are included. The last 2 that sold on here were between 600-750 so i feel that's fair, but willing to talk it through will the seller. Thanks!
  3. Superdrag81

    [SOLD] Chord Hugo 2 Black + Extras

    Selling my Chord Hugo 2. I'm the second owner, bought off fellow head fi'er King CATalyst a few months ago (actually purchased it off his eBay store before discovering his post here). Hands down the best DAC I've owned. I started my new position at work that lets me work from home instead of...
  4. Superdrag81

    Moon Audio Silver Dragon TOSLINK cable

    SOLD Selling my Moon Audio Silver Dragon TOSLINK cable. I got rid of my portable stack (AK & Mojo) as i am no longer traveling for work. Selling this as the last piece. It's in perfect working condition. These are $100 brand new off their website. SOLD
  5. Superdrag81

    FS: Chord Mojo - Mint, less than a week old

    You can read my reason for selling in the main Mojo thread here:   Mint, less than a week old from Moon Audio.  I was hoping to replace my Hugo with this, but i feel the...
  6. Superdrag81

    ASUS Xonar Essence One Muse Edition DAC/AMP

    Up for sale is my ASUS Xonar Essence One Muse Edition DAC/AMP.  I've owned this for 2 years -  I've been using this for my gaming setup and it does an amazing job.  I had the original Essence One and upgraded to this was a significant improvement.  It has served its purpose well but i'm...
  7. Superdrag81

    FS - Shure SE846

    For sale is my spare pair of Shure SE846 IEM's.  They are roughly 3 months old, and have barely been used.  My company gives "bonuses" to us in the form of points we can use on our company rewards website.  I used these points to get this pair to have as a spare to take with me when i travel. ...
  8. Superdrag81


    Up for sale is a lightly used HT Omega Claro Halo PCI sound card.  This was used in my test build machine and has very little hours on it.  It is hands down the best sound card on the market in my opinion.  Not only does it sound incredible, but because of it's on-board amp it can power some of...
  9. Superdrag81

    Westone UM Pro 30 Clear - Brand new! - PRICE CUT

    For sale is a brand new pair of Westone UM 30 Pro in ear monitors.  This was a one time warranty replacement for my pair of UM3X-RC that broke. These just arrived back to my house this past week and were only taken out of the package to get pictures.  Included are the UM 30 Pro monitors, 2 pairs...