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  1. tangsta

    [FOUND] Cable for Abyss Phi 8 ft Preferred

    Looking to buy an aftermarket cable for the Abyss Phi, and would prefer cables around 8 feet in length and terminated with 4-pin XLR. Thank you!
  2. tangsta

    FS: Cardas Clear Light HiFiMAN HE-1000 2.5mm to 1/4" TRS 1.5m SOLD

    For sale is an almost new (used for less than a month) Cardas Clear Light cable for HiFiMAN. SOLD
  3. tangsta

    FT: DIY Cardas 8.5' Audeze Mini-XLR -> 1/4" Cable for HD 800 Cable

    I'm looking to trade new DIY Cardas 8.5' Audeze Mini-XLR -> 1/4" Cable for a non-stock HD 800 Cable. Please send me a PM if you have anything :). The cable has never been used.
  4. tangsta

    Stax 009 in Japan?

    Anybody know where would be a place to pick one up in Toyko? Is the price set at 350,000 yen? Thanks in advance :)
  5. tangsta

    FS/FT: Audeze LCD-2 Rev 2. w/ Leather Headband One month old!

    I took them out of the box and used them sparingly for a month, but I've decided to let them go. These have the leather headband and the new ribbon cable :). $900.   Wood case.
  6. tangsta

    Best Tube Amps?

    What are some of the best tube amps available? Of course since tubes are important, any combos you particularly like?
  7. tangsta

    Cavalli Liquid Fire + HD800?

    For those of you that have heard the Liquid Fire with the HD800s how did you like it? I have both a LCD-2 and a HD800 and am considering whether the HD800s should be paired with another amp.
  8. tangsta

    Irvine Area RS2i + HD650s!?

    Anyone in the Irvine area have Grado RS2i's and the Sennheiser HD650s? One of my friends is interested in trying out both of them. I have a HD800s for you to try out! Let me know
  9. tangsta

    Clean HD 800 Earpads?

    Any clue how to clean earpads on the HD800s removing the particles and lint? I need to keep them nice and spotless
  10. tangsta

    HD 800 AMP? Maybe DAC?

    Let me start off by saying canjam 09 was really a nice place and allowed me to really fall in love wit the HD 800s. Now that I have ordered the headphones, I will surely need a great amp! I know my current WA3 + DAC-AM won't do the headphones justice. Now here's the question, with a budget under...
  11. tangsta

    WTB: SA5000 headband made/actual

    I need a new headband for my sony sa5000 because mine broke. I dont mind having a specially made one or the actual headband. thanks
  12. tangsta

    Microphone for speech recording

    I have a 1212m sound card and I would like to record a voice for a documentary. I would also like to use the microphone for communicating online. i want some suggestions to a decent mic that can record with decent sound quality. any suggestions? the mic doesnt have to be a computer mic or...
  13. tangsta

    sa5k loose cable?

    when i move my head the sa5k loses sound on the right driver. What should i do? has anyone tried recabling on their own?
  14. tangsta

    FS: Bada PH12 220v right mosfet blown

    The right channel mosfet is blown. My PH12 has a nick on the top of the power supply, and the plastic guard also has a cut. I have fixed this before but don't feel like fixing it again. This is a 220v amp, so you will need a 110-220 converter. I will include the original tubes and 3 NOS tubes...
  15. tangsta

    WTB: XLR-XLR female-female adapter

    I'm looking for an xlr to xlr female to female adapter. I need it by Tuesday, so if you could ship tomorrow that'd be great.
  16. tangsta

    AMP ~$600

    I'm looking for an amp around $600, tube or ss, it doesnt really matter. I'm going to be using the HD650s and 595s. With a DAC-AM as the source.
  17. tangsta

    WTB: thick power cord (wire) w/o plugs or anything

    I'm looking for thick power cord, copper is preferred. If there isnt an plug its fine, but if it has an iec that'd be great. I'm not looking to spend a lot.
  18. tangsta


    Today, I was just sick of this "audio" thing. I was seriously nitpicking and trying to find everything wrong with my system. Just a few moments ago I just started listening for enjoyment. Wow, I almost cried.
  19. tangsta

    IEMs, ~$300

    I'm searching for some IEMS around $300. Please recommend something and tell why. Thanks. edit: >$400
  20. tangsta

    FS: AKG K701

    I am putting my AKG K701 up for sale. $SOLD. These are some excellent headphones, but they aren't exactly for me. Comes with box, and everything included including the 1/8" adapter.
  21. tangsta

    WTT: G&W T2.6F for Darkvoice amp

    I'm looking to trade my G&W T2.6F for a Darkvoice amp. They are about the same price in China, with the T2.6F being a few bucks more expensive. For those of you who don't know what the T2.6F is, it's supposed to be one of the best amplifiers in China aside from the Bada PH-12 and the 8P. Thanks...
  22. tangsta

    Where to buy Sennheiser HD595?

    I noticed that the prices on regular retailers these days have gone up. Is there any way to get a new HD595 for under $160 shipped?
  23. tangsta

    Difference between DT880 and DT990?

    What are the major differences in SQ between dt880 and dt990? I currently have the HD650 and K701, and I'm looking to try something new (no grados for me =[, dont like em)
  24. tangsta

    EMU 1212M - What next?

    I just recieved my EMU 1212M. I want to know how to configure it for best sound quality. I connect my soundcard to an amp and then to headphones.
  25. tangsta

    Soundcard w/ Best Analog Out

    I'm searching for a souncard with the best analog out. looking at <$200.