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  1. sprout

    Custom-3 announcements and impressions

    It looks like Klipsch is leaving everyone in the dark concerning the Custom 3. I purchased a pair of Custom 2 about a month ago, but I decided that I would like to go all out and go ahead with Custom 3. I'm not sure that I'll be doing that now, since it seems that not even they know when they...
  2. sprout

    possible to take grado rods out?

    I'm curious to know how you were able to remove the rod. Concerning the rubber tip: Contact Grado. They sent me a pair free of charge. sprout
  3. sprout

    WTT: AKG K701 for Grado RS2 or SR325i / Pics added

    To the above poster: You're right, I should not have bumped the listing so soon. I will be more considerate in the future. Anyway, these are still available.
  4. sprout

    WTT: AKG K701 for Grado RS2 or SR325i / Pics added

    These are in excellent/like-new condition and have 151 hours of use. I'm the second owner of these immaculate headphones. I just received them from an eBay purchase, but these clearly are not my taste. They have great articulation but the AKG bass isn't doing it for me. I love my Grado SR80...
  5. sprout

    Neo-Noob Needs Help Cleaning Ear Pads AKG K701: NEVERMIND found something, sorry.

    What you'll need: 1 large bowl (I used a salad bowl) 2 water 3 laundry detergent (I used 2xUltra Tide) 4 patience... 5 dish rack or something similar 6 small portable fan (I used a small ceramic heater) Remove ear pieces by twisting them off, don't pull them off. Gently, please...
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