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  1. superliu

    [Trade] T1 1gen for your T5p

    Thanks for your info. My only hard constraint is closed headphone though.. this is getting harder for me to decide :)
  2. superliu

    [Trade] T1 1gen for your T5p

    Ah yeah i notice those in the reviews. btw hows dt1770pro? I kinda want to upgrade to a well rounded choice closed can but not sure which one is better.
  3. superliu

    [Trade] Trade T5p with T70p+cash

    Hi All, I'm looking for a T5p with my T70p up for trade + cash. Let me know.
  4. superliu

    FS: Yulong D100

    bump $150 dude this is already good price.. selling only due to upgrade
  5. superliu

    [WTB] Yulong DA8/DA9/Aquila

    already got one
  6. superliu

    FS: Yulong D100

    bump, price drop to 165
  7. superliu

    FS: Yulong D100

    Hi, For sale is my first DAC ever Yulong D100 bought years ago but finally decided to let it go. The machine still works great, however with minor scratches on the metal cover. Original box has lost but will make sure to pack nicely. Power cable is included. $185 shipping included.
  8. superliu

    [WTB] Yulong DA8/DA9/Aquila

    Hi all, I'm looking for a great condition yulong dac/amp combo. I'm located in California, please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks,
  9. superliu

    HD600 in good condition (headband cushion deformed) + canare cable

    For sale is a hd600 in good condition with some tiny scratches on headband. The cushion is kinda deformed.   The sound is absolutely fantastic. Also come with a 1.5m ish canare replacement cable, which is very well constructed by...
  10. superliu

    REVIEW - Yulong Audio Sabre DA8 Reference DAC

    Da8 owner here.. Bought it long before the review came out..remains a huge fan of yulong after one month of listening :)
  11. superliu

    LITTLE DOT MK V in great condition 220V

    Hi,   I have a little dot MK V in perfect working condition  and 9/10 cosmetic condition for sale, however it is 220V version...I use a transformer all the time, and it's great some someone lives in EU or Asia...Transformer will be included.   Anyway, quick sale, $150 includes shipping...
  12. superliu

    WTB: Yulong D100 (MK II) (240V version)

    I have a D100's first version, please see my post for details.. :)...
  13. superliu

    HD600 + Canare upgrade cable SOLD

    The cable is 6' in length and yes, it comes with original cable.   Robin
  14. superliu

    HD600 + Canare upgrade cable SOLD

    Hi dmacg,   For now I'm not splitting this bundle, and I will contact you if I decide to sell them separately.   Thank you,   Robin
  15. superliu

    HD600 + Canare upgrade cable SOLD

    For sale is my HD600 which I got a year ago. The headphone is in very good condition except two little paint off on the left mesh grid. The headband is still firm and tight. No dent or unreasonable scratches from my point of view. I recently got a T1 so this HD600 has to go.   It also comes...
  16. superliu

    Beyerdynamic T1

    Pm sent
  17. superliu

    HD600 + cardas cable

    I'm willing to get the headphone seperately, please just PM me the price.! 
  18. superliu

    noise attenuation module for tf10 doesn't work

    Quote: So it does not reduce the noise from the environment?