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  1. 2Erly

    Audeze LCD3

    Up for sale is my pair of Audeze LCD3s pre fazor. They have less than 50 hrs on them and are in excellent condition, they were used occasionally to my 007s. They come with everything, box, cloth/wood treatment, and cables. Looking to get these gone. Have any questions feel free to shoot me a pm...
  2. 2Erly

    Audeze LCD2 rev2 w/ wood connectors

  3. 2Erly

    Grado RS-1s

    My brother is planning on buying a pair of Grado RS-1s which he is gonna use mainly for rock, He won't be using them all the time so I wanna sneak in some time with them . When I listen I switch between rock, hiphop, and electronic. I've read the Grados are great with rock but are they really...