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  1. Blade

    Looking for foldable headphones priced under $50

    Its been almost three years since my last headphones purchase. I decided this time that I want something a little more portable than what I usually like. I currently have a stock JVC HA-RX700 cans which I use almost daily. Well call me a fanboy but, I have grown very fond to the JVC sound...
  2. Blade

    Worth upgrading the satellites on a Logitech Z 2300?

    I've had my Logitech z2300 speakers for a few years now. They're decent enough for their purpose. I was wondering if it would be worth replacing the satellites with some bookshelf speakers for a slight boost in sound quality.   I'm not looking to spend much... lets keep it under $60.
  3. Blade

    Difference in between the Sony MDR-XB 500 and 700?

    The M50's you say? I'll look into them as well. I'm not in a rush to get new cans, it's just that my current cans are starting to bore me. I would just like to have that "wow" rush of new sound again. Anyways, I listen to mostly sub-bass techno and some rock/alternative. I use my headphone...
  4. Blade

    Difference in between the Sony MDR-XB 500 and 700?

    Hey all. I'm looking forward to upgrade to some bass rich headphones. Even though I love my Sennheiser EH 150 in every way, I want something more worthwhile. So it happens that I'm stuck in-between the Sony MDR-XB 500 and XB 700. What is the main sound difference in these two cans? If...
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