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  1. Gorkem

    Suggestions for an upgrade on my Vmoda M80s (~$500 budget)

    Hi Everyone,   My uncle loved my V-Moda M80s, so I ended up giving him the cans as a gift. My setup was V-Moda M80 + FiiO E17 (I bought both of these based on all the great feedback on these forums). Now I need new cans, I've been trying to decide what I want and how I want to improve on...
  2. Gorkem

    Suggestion for IEMs ($400-$500) budget

    Hi Everyone, I was all set on Sleek Audio SA6 and was about to buy. The biggest reason was going to be the W-1 wireless capability. Unfortunately, I read alot of negative comments regarding the build quality of these headphones. They changed the cable in 2009; however, it looks like the build...