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  1. grahamnp

    i1, born for iPhone7, the first " MFi " headphone amplifier from FiiO

    Have you considered having it charge over lightning instead of micro USB?   As this is obviously aimed at Apple users, it would mean that they would only require a lightning cable for charging the phone and the i3 instead of two different cables.
  2. grahamnp

    Review by 'grahamnp' on item 'Xiaomi Pistons 3.0 in-ear headphones'

    They have a nice looking design with materials that suit the asking price but they appear to be a step down from previous models.  Still, I can't really complain about the build as it's still superior to many earphones in this price range, many of which sound much worse.  There is now more...
  3. grahamnp

    New RHA IEMs: The MA750i and MA600i

    1.  I wear glasses and they aren't an issue.   2.  The weight of cables isn't noticeable because of the over the ear design.  I'm not sure if you need short or long cables but they are about average in length.
  4. grahamnp

    New RHA IEMs: The MA750i and MA600i

    I got my 750s yesterday and am pleasantly surprised by the amount of isolation I'm getting with the earphone, particularly the foam tips.  I was expecting average isolation at best but they isolate even better than the SE215 and the sound quality is miles ahead.   I haven't really tried many...
  5. grahamnp

    Silver Bullet vs. RE0 vs. SE 215....

      SE215       RE0   Comfort level (1-10):  9, 6 Isolation (1-10): 9, 5 (can be improved with tips) Durability (1-10): SE215 seems solid enough but mine broke in a few months so...., RE0: 3 Soundstage (1-10) (not expecting much here):  6, 5 Highs (1-10):  5, 9 Mids (1-10): 7, 8 Lows...
  6. grahamnp

    Why don't more people use EQ to get the desired sound?

    I use EQ in iTunes because I prefer the way it sounds.  I EQ no more than 2db and use the preamp to compensate, whatever degradation there is to the sound, I don't hear it.  I don't believe in getting a "pure" signal because that assumes that the artist was using the exact equipment I have and...
  7. grahamnp

    AKG K702 w/ Hi-Fi Man - EF2A combination?

    The EF2 is quite bright, I've never heard the K701 but from what I've read, it doesn't seem like a good pairing.
  8. grahamnp

    Non-overwhelming bass for post metal

    Of all the headphone you've mentioned, I own the AD-900 and have only heard the DT880 briefly.   The AD900 has a large soundstage and quite an airy presentation so if atmosphere is what you want, it would be great at it.  It's also quite a fast headphone so its got the speed and energy for...
  9. grahamnp

    Noob Here. Ad900 or Fa-003/Fa-002w?

    Yes, I have the AD900 and bassy is the last word I would use to describe it.   They are very comfortable for me, the wing system works well and they put little pressure on your head but they are designed such that the driver housing touches your ear like a on-ear headphone.  The rest lightly so...
  10. grahamnp

    Is IEM soundstage a myth?

    I never get the "on stage" or "back of the concert hall" analogies.  I do appreciate an improved soundstage but to me, even if one IEM had twice the soundstage width and depth of another, they'd still be pretty tiny. For this reason, I'd pick almost any other characteristic over soundstage if I...
  11. grahamnp

    FA-003 vs ATH-AD900 vs SRH940

    I'm guessing that they wouldn't be very good with hip hop but I don't listen to any so maybe you want a second opinion     ...yea that's the grin the AD900s put on my face
  12. grahamnp

    FA-003 vs ATH-AD900 vs SRH940

    I can only speak for the AD900, never even seen the others in person.   The AD900 is very detailed and easily driven.  It has a forward midrange which works nice for guitar work and vocals.  It has a big soundstage and an airy sound.  It is more trebley than your average headphone and might...
  13. grahamnp

    HifiMAN EF2A tube replacement (MOAR BASS)

    You want the 6AK5 family of tubes, from Mullard that would be the CV4010 or M8100.   The Mullard would give you the warmer sound that you are looking for and is an improvement in all areas over the stock tubes, I didn't notice any difference in the sub bass response  but I haven't heard the...
  14. grahamnp

    PFE or RE0

    Quote: Oh no!  Having all my friends diss my music seems to have taken its toll.
  15. grahamnp

    Best earphones for listening to metal...

    +1 for the RE0/Zero.  Less bass than ideal for metal but I don't think anything can beat their speed at that price range.
  16. grahamnp

    [ASK] ATH AD900 without headamp

    When you say headamp do you specifically mean a headphone amplifier?  Everybody has told you that it makes little difference so I think it is safe to say that you don't need one yet, not at least until you've heard them first and decided if they're okay.  If you really want to improve SQ, I'd...
  17. grahamnp

    IEM for around 80$ - Alternative rock / all rounder

    RE0s are great for alternative rock and don't really do anything else wrong particularly badly except bass heavy music.  Don't listen to hip hop but I can't imagine them being good at that.
  18. grahamnp

    [ASK] ATH AD900 without headamp

    They sound fine out of my iphone and improve a little but not significantly through my EF2 or uDAC so I wouldn't bother with something like the E5.
  19. grahamnp

    Looking for a low cost replacement for HiFiMan RE2

    You mention going up to the RE0 so I guess the budget of 40 isn't so strict?  I have the RE0 and the Hippo Shroom EB has a similar detailed, neutral and balanced sound for $57 shipped.  It's similar to the RE0 so it shouldn't be too far from the RE2.  It is similarly light on the bass so I can...
  20. grahamnp

    Recommended Headphones for Metal?

    I didn't mean that you couldn't listen to music with cymbals and hi hats, it's just not particularly good in that area especially because a lot of death/black metal is very poorly recorded and it really shows in that area.
  21. grahamnp

    Recommended Headphones for Metal?

    Never heard a Grado but the Alessandro MS-1 (fits your budget) has punchy bass, I find it to be enough for metal and rock but it's not a bassy headphone.  They are quite bright and some poorly recorded material can sound quite sizzly with them.  Opeth sounds great.   I wouldn't really say...
  22. grahamnp

    Help a newbie please? Headirect RE-0 vs Sennheiser IE-6 vs Thinksound Rain

    The RE0 is great for rock if you don't mind the less than average amount of bass.  Not sure about hip hop/rap though, I don't listen to it but whatever I've heard seemed to lack bass for the genre.
  23. grahamnp

    Purchasing Ad900s, need help

    I've only been listening the AD-900 for a few hours so no time for burn-in, brain burn-in and what not but it sounds pretty good with the uDAC.  The uDAC has a midbass hump that should help it out a bit but overall it's a pretty decent combo, I don't think there's any particular aspect of the...
  24. grahamnp

    Ipod with EQ experiencing distortion

    Maybe you can set a custom EQ in iTunes such that the loudest frequency never exceeds +0, so you would need to reduce every frequency by the amount you would like to add or maybe just use the preamp in the negative range.  Then assign this custom EQ to every song.  I've never tried it so I don't...
  25. grahamnp

    Ipod with EQ experiencing distortion

    The iPod/iPhone has the worst EQ I have ever heard, I stick to flat.  It's not your TF10 or the music.