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  1. stephenbou

    Amarra and Music Streamer II

    I'm trialing Amarra on my system (iTunes with Apple lossless on a hackintosh, Music Streamer II, Matrix M-Stage Headphone Amplifier, and HD600s).   My issue is, after careful listening, I can't tell the difference with Amarra on or off. They sound exactly the same in both cases.   Some...
  2. stephenbou

    HRT music streamer/Matrix M-stage, cables included?

    I have a hrt music streamer and a Matrix M-stage on order. Anyone know if any RCA cables are included with either product?   I'd also be interested in hearing opinions on whether this setup would be a step up from a total bithead for a Q701. Thanks!   Stephen
  3. stephenbou

    Recommendations for closed headphones for classical for under $600

    Hi everyone; this is my first post to the forum. I was hoping get a recommendation for a pair of headphones.   I'm interested in a closed design for listening to music at work. I typically use a total bithead amplifier and lossless iTunes and about 80% of my collection is classical music. I...