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  1. wuwhere

    Pandemic, Work At Home

    State that I live has stay at home. The company I work for has an essential status, still limiting the number of employees at work. Because of what I do I still come to work a few hours a day the rest I'm remote.
  2. wuwhere

    How important is the phase inverter tube in the sound of a tube audio amp?

    I have a tube amp that has a 12AX7 for phase inverter. In a guitar amp, from what I read, the phase inverter tube has more affect than the output tubes. Different 12AX7 has different affect on the sound. In an audio tube amp, does the phase inverter has a big affect on the SQ?
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    RIP Storm Thorgerson

    Mr. Storm Thorgerson was one of the founders of Hipgnosis who created so many iconic album art for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Genesis and many other famous bands, including this one.  
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    Merging multiple posts within 5 minutes?

    Depending on how this is implemented, this will affect our game posts here.
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    Band Name Game II

    Same rules as before.   Name a band or artist who has a name that begins with the same letter that ends the name of the band or artist of the previous poster. For example: If the band I name is "Guns N Roses", then the poster who followed me would pick a band name that begins with an "s"...
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    Clarence Clemons RIP

    Can't forget his sax on the song "Dancing In The Dark" by Bruce Springsteen. RIP.
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    What gear did you get for Christmas?

    Got myself another hp amp.    
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    Would A UDMA CF To SDXC/SDHC Adapter Work On iRiver iHP-120/140?

    Currently, I'm using a CF to SDHC adapter on my iHP-120. I wonder if this adapter would work so I can use a 64GB SDXC?     Its suppose to be an SDXC/SDHC/SD/MMC to UDMA CF adapter.
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    Is Music Recession Proof?

    With the economic downturn, I just gotta ask for your opinion.
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    Yet Another Inexpensive Portable DAC

    Anyone here has experience with this portable DAC from CryoParts? CryoParts USB DAC
  12. wuwhere

    WTB: APureSound ER4P Cable

    I'm interested in a 4ft. APS-ER4P cable. Please PM me if you are selling one. Thanks.