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  1. Joong

    Review by 'Joong' on item 'Burson Audio Playmate'

    1. Introduction: Burson playmate is very close to Burson Swing / Fun pair with respect to sound signature except the missing coaxial input on Playmate. There is not easy way to differentiate among them so that following statements are considered as the latest revision of Swing/Fun pair and at...
  2. Joong

    Review by 'Joong' on item 'Burson Audio Supreme Sound Opamp V6 Vivid and Classic'

    Testing audio devices: Windows 10 -> ifi usb nano 3.0 -> Gemini dual head usb cable -> Singxer f1-> Burson audio Swing that has Burson audio V6 classic dual x2 and single x2 - Fun with V6 vivid opamps -> HD800s. The same chain of gears but Topping Dx7s / Yulong A18 for comparison...
  3. Joong

    Review by 'Joong' on item 'Sony BDPS500 Bravia Theater Sync Blu-ray Player'

    It is really surprising to find this high quality CD performance in analog and digital format. When I connected it to Burson Audio Conductor, all the ignored CD library came back to life. This quality of performance is almost equivalent to Oppo BDP 105 in my rig. This is really my X-mas gift...
  4. Joong

    Review by 'Joong' on item 'Musiland Monitor 02 US'

    the device complements nicely Matrix mini DAC to support 192k signal through USB connection. SQ is good, and when it is connected it instantly is recognized.   Housing is aluminum and strong. Power connection is made directly to AC without any hassles about the DC converting block.
  5. Joong

    Review by 'Joong' on item 'HE-5LE'

    Great for full-orchestral / choral and chamber music. Excellent for strings, woods, and choral music. The phones have a good combination of tonal balance of HD650 but without grainy nature and the beauty of K702's string at its mid range, and textured bass without excess.   I heard the...
  6. Joong

    Review by 'Joong' on item 'Audioengine D1 Premium 24-Bit DAC'

    In my opinion, this is as good as the unit of several times more expensive ones. This is no way inferior to Matrix mini, other than smaller number interfaces to the audio source. It is also driven by IPAD through USB powered hub.   The design is considerate, compact, and beautiful yet srong.
  7. Joong

    Review by 'Joong' on item 'Sennheiser HD 598'

    This wonderful headphone is simply underestimated due to the myterious belief system of audiophiles. Price simply biases the listener, and human brain is simple an automata that is influenced by every factor especially the cost he or she paid.
  8. Joong

    Review by 'Joong' on item 'Matrix Mini i DAC'

    It is really convienient and user freindly designed. Pairing with Little dot MKVII+, the sound is amazing for classical music listening. It drives reasonably DT990-600 ohm.   I have several audio sources, all of which are able to be connected to this many interfaces without swapping the...
  9. Joong

    Review by 'Joong' on item 'SMSL sAp III'

    I didn't expect this little Chines guy to generate impressive sound. When it is pairing with DT990 - 600 ohm, Cello concerto of Britten superised me of its crisp sound and wide soound stage with enough volume.   In comparison to many times expensive amp unit, I could not pinpoint its...
  10. Joong

    Review by 'Joong' on item 'Little Dot VII+'

    I am using it in balanced mode, and the sound is amasing. It has excellent sound stage, and enough resolution so that I can hear musical instrument well separated. The bass is not very emphasized, and treble is enough extended to higher region.   The connection is very sturd, reliable...