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  1. HerrXRDS

    FS: Flare Audio - Flares Jet 3

    For sale Flares Jet 3 Titanium. Used only a couple of hours due to poor fit to my small ears. Sound is dependent on position and can't get them to sit right.
  2. HerrXRDS

    MusicMaker TONEKING TK12

    For sale MusicMaker TONEKING TK12. Used only a few hours due to poor fit to my ears. Small chip on paint, can be seen in pictures.
  3. HerrXRDS

    FS: Zero Audio Duoza

    For sale Zero Audio Duoza. Bought few months ago and used a couple of hours.
  4. HerrXRDS

    FS: TFZ No. 3

    For Sale TFZ No. 3 clear. Used for a couple of hours.
  5. HerrXRDS

    IEMs good for games and movies

    What are your favorite IEMs to use for gaming or movie watching? While for music using something like Etymotic, KPE or No 3 is great, for movies and games I need a sound as open as possible with decent bass rumble and good positioning. So far my favorites are: AKG Samsung earbuds- decent...
  6. HerrXRDS

    Open sounding, large soundstage IEMs

    Looking for something with deep and controlled bass with good impact that you can feel, melodic and clear mids, sparkling highs with great details. Something like the sound signature of the FH5 but with a much more open presentation. From what I've read, the EX-1000 could fit the bill but never...
  7. HerrXRDS

    Mini IEM recommendations

    I'm looking for some small IEMs, need to have microphone too. Recently got this one .sounds really decent for the price and size, good construction and pretty large soundstage too but it's lacking some details and clarity. I was looking at the...
  8. HerrXRDS

    Massdrop Plus, FLC8N, Oriveti NP, FH5, Toneking T4 or something else?

    Trying to decide on my next IEM, around $200-$300. Looking for a large sound-stage with open sound in a comfortable package. No EX-1000 or other weird shapes. Micro-details is the next important thing. Clear, fast and powerful sub-bass and mid-bass. Neutral non V-shape mids with good details...
  9. HerrXRDS

    How important is polarity on BA?

    I have a hybrid IEM, 2DD+1BA. The wiring is all ****ed up. Not even the same on both of them so I'll have to redo it. I can see on the DD which is positive and which negative so that's good, It also has a resistor for the BA so I'll use that on the positive lead, but no idea what's the correct...
  10. HerrXRDS

    KZ ZS10

    Mint ZS10. Got them few days ago, listened for a few hours and decided they aren't for me. Not fun enough sounding, I like something with a little more sparkle and bass. Includes everything in the original packaging. Shipped CONUS $40
  11. HerrXRDS

    Sound Blaster Z > Magni > DT990 , will Fiio D03k make a difference?

    I recently upgraded my old, low impedance cans to DT990 250Ohms, I was not expecting this to be so complicated. I've been reading this forum for the past two days, developed a serious headache and things are still unclear so if you could give me some advice I would appreciate it.     Currently...