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  1. seag33k

    Ear Bud Recommendations

    The SoundMAGIC E10 sound great with my portable amp. They seem harder to drive on my Note8 when on a noisy bus. Any suggestions for easier to drive earbuds? Possibly even noise canceling? Budget can be higher considering noise canceling.
  2. seag33k

    Open Back Headphones for gaming

    Interesting. I don't thing of that. I figured open back would keep your ears from getting too hot.
  3. seag33k

    Open Back Headphones for gaming

    Awesome. I'll check them out! BTW. What is the main difference between the 900 and 700s?
  4. seag33k

    Open Back Headphones for gaming

    I am looking for comfortable open back headphones for gaming. I have a mic (AntLion ModMic) that can be attached so the design would need to allow for a small magnet to be attached to the side. Recommendations would be appreciated. Hoping to find something under $200. Thanks!
  5. seag33k

    CAL! 2 vs ATH-M50x vs HD25-1 II

    I own a pair of CALs and they are very comfortable, but mine had a buzz around 30hz and are no longer under warranty.  The CALs are extremely light but had a good sound.  I purchased a pair of V-MODA Crossfade LP which are built much better.  I haven't compared them to the CALs since they have...
  6. seag33k

    In Ear Headphones for the Gym Recommendations - Under $100

    Got mine on Amazon for under $40.  They fit pretty good, but sound soo much better than my other pairs!  Great recommendation! Thanks!
  7. seag33k

    AMP/DAC Recommendations for DT990 Pros

    Interesting.  I've never heard of this company.  I'll look into it further.
  8. seag33k

    AMP/DAC Recommendations for DT990 Pros

    I am looking for a full size headphone AMP/DAC for my DT990s.  I currently have a FiiO E17 but am looking for a full-size amp I can keep at my desk.  My budget is around $500.  I've read some nice things about the O2 + ODAC combo but have never heard it or know if it would be a good match.  I...
  9. seag33k

    Beyerdynamic Custom Ones! New Beyer headphones!

    I own the COPs and DT990s.  Although the DT990s are a more audiophile headphone, I will still keep the COPs around because they are easy to drive, are sealed and provide decent isolation, and play well with all sorts of music.  I listen to pretty much everything except classical.  They are a...
  10. seag33k

    Looking for an all-round headphone

    Your list was a good start.  I haven't heard them, but I'd also include the DT770s.
  11. seag33k

    Looking for an all-round headphone

    Consider the DT990 Pro if you have an amp.  I got mine for $150 new.
  12. seag33k

    Looking for an all-round headphone

    Are you only considering closed headphones?  I currently own the Custom One Pros.  They are a very fun headphone that sounds well with all sorts of music types.  I just went from electronic music to Rush and they sound nice with both.  They are also very easy to drive.  Their build construction...
  13. seag33k

    AMP/DAC for DT 990

    True, but I will probably upgrade from the DT990s at some point so a higher quality DAC/AMP will be put to good use :) The main downside of the DT990s thus far is that they've opened my ears up to a step up in sound so that means my wallet will be opening up as well.
  14. seag33k

    AMP/DAC for DT 990

    I to would like to hear some suggestions for a DAC/AMP combo in the $300 - $500 price range.  I currently have the FiiO E17 but would like a desktop version.  I thought of getting the FiiO E09k but may not always have the E17.  I am open to either solid state or tubes.  I listen to mainly...
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  16. seag33k

    Peachtree decco65 Amplifier

    Has anyone listened to the Peachtree decco65 Amp? Its more than just a dedicated headphone amp and reasonably priced.  I don't need the full amp for speakers but its a nice option if I ever wanted to hook up my Wharfedale Diamond 10.1's.
  17. seag33k

    DT990 Pro Impressions Thread

    Do you care to share with us what differences you heard between the two?  Were you tempted to get the Premium version by any chance?  BTW, how does your O2 match up with it in comparison.  I hope to get my DT990 Pros this week. 
  18. seag33k

    DT990 Pro Impressions Thread

    I found them here as well.
  19. seag33k

    DT990 Pro Impressions Thread

    Amazon has them.
  20. seag33k

    DT990 Pro Impressions Thread

    Thanks!  I am hoping the DT990s will offer more detailed treble, imaging, sound stage and sense of 'air'.  I am curious about how detailed the bass is in comparison.  I expect the impact will not be the same, but wonder if the accuracy of low bass notes will be improved?  Regardless, I plan to...
  21. seag33k

    EQ software for a MAC

    I use Boom.  They have a free trial. Its great for the price.
  22. seag33k

    DT990 Pro Impressions Thread

    I am ordering the DT990 Pros - 250ohm today.  All I have is the FiiO E17 so I am wondering if I won't have enough to power these new headphones.  I got a good deal so maybe a new AMP/DAC will be in the cards as well! I am hoping this will be a step up from my Custom One Pros which I will...
  23. seag33k

    Time To Get Serious About Audio [RECOMMEND ME HEADPHONES]

    I currently own the Custom One Pro and really like them for all around listening.  I don't have a better set of headphones to compare them with, but I imagine there are others out there with more refined and neatral sound.  What you do get is a fun sounding headphone that is easy to drive with...
  24. seag33k

    Desktop Amp/DAC match for DT990 Pros

    After much help from the forums, I've decided to get the DT990's Pro version.  From what I've read, the differences do not justify the increased price of the Premium version.They are priced at $149.00 so that gives me some money to look at upgrading my AMP & DAC.  I currently listen to my Custom...
  25. seag33k

    Upgrade Headphones or Amp

    I am not looking for over emphasized bass, necessarily.  I am looking for headphones that have an overall rich sound with bass that can go low accurately.  For example, the album - The Rite of Strings has a song called 'Song to John' where Stanley Clarke plays the stand up bass.  Around 1:57, he...