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    Very faint buzzing sound in hifiman sundara ?

    Ok thank you for your reply. I was already looking at getting a thx 789 but some audio gear is quite a pain to find in Europe. In the meantime can using them with the 4650 so any damage ? If so I'll just hold off from using any low ohm headphones till I get a headphone amplifier.
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    Very faint buzzing sound in hifiman sundara ?

    I just got a pair of sundaras and they sound fine. Never had a planar before so it's a fun experience to listen to one, But I notixed that if I turn up the volume I can hear a faint buzzing sound when they are playing sound. THis seems fairly normal when taking into consideration how a planar...
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    Audeze lcd 2 driver repair?

    I recently bought a pair of audeze lcd 2's secondhand with a broken rightside driver for 150 euros. I was wondering if There is anyway to repair this driver or to find a replacement somewhere. I saw some threads about drivers failing on audeze headphones so it seems like it's a fairly common...
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    Open back headphones that can be driven by a phone?

    Looking for something that sounds great on a phone aswell as on an amp. I asked this same question on another site not too long ago and got recommended the sony MDR-MA900 but I wasn't a fan at all. It's fine on a phone soundwise but when driven with an amp the bass sounds terrible and they are...